Here’s Where ‘Southern Charm’ Couple J.D. & Elizabeth Stand Today

After years of being supporting characters in the background on Southern Charm, J.D. and Elizabeth Madison are front and center thanks their marital difficulties. Season 5 was filmed months ago, so what is their status now? Did J.D. and Elizabeth get divorced? Long story, short: No, they are not divorced. To clarify, they did not get back together, but they are at least on the same page these days when it comes to keeping their family life and their relationship.

On March 18, J.D. shared their separation via tweet. He wrote,

"Liz & I have a great relationship. The rumors about divorce are just ridiculous. We are separated & doing what is best for our family."

J.D. still has a photo with his estranged wife in his Twitter profile.

Elizabeth recently deleted her Twitter account, but Bravo's The Daily Dish quoted a tweet that Elizabeth wrote about the separation on March 27:

"Thank you for everyone’s good thoughts & well wishes. @JDMadisonSC & I are the very proud parents of 4 beautiful children with whom deserve our love & protection. For this reason we are committed to keeping our relationship matters private."

When Southern Charm returned for Season 5 on April 5, J.D. had a conversation with Thomas Ravenel about the split and admitted that he and Elizabeth had "been separated for a couple months now."

As of this moment, it does not appear that their marital status has changed with no one filing for divorce or mentioning specific plans to do so. In an April 20 interview with Bravo's The Daily Dish, J.D insisted that the separation does not necessarily mean that they are getting divorced. He explained, "We remain separated, but the good news is that we are not entertaining divorce at this time." He added, "We are taking things very slowly and looking at our relationship with new eyes. We are going to a marriage counselor, and who knows? If we can put our pasts aside, I may court her all over again! What a roller coaster!"

It sure does sound like he is courting her all over again, because he also shared during the same interview: "I've taken Liz out on a few dates, and we joke about being boyfriend-girlfriend. It is hilarious."

Apparently, absence does make the heart grow fonder because the former(?) couple seems to be getting along better than ever these days. J.D. told The Daily Dish, "Liz and I are separated, and yet, in some ways, closer now than we ever were. We aren't back together, and we aren't completely apart. We are working on ourselves, and as weird as it sounds, what we have now is working for us! We still have a long way to go if we are going to get back together and stay together."

In her own April 23 interview with The Daily Dish, Elizabeth echoed her husband's sentiments. "Most importantly, we are spending quality time together, and J.D. has been very supportive through all of this," she said.

Elizabeth also made it clear that she is not quite sure of what the future holds. She explained, "For now, we remain separated and maintain a wonderful friendship and partnership in raising our children. I take pride in how we chose to handle this, showing support, love, and respect for each other." She shared, "I am spending a lot of time with J.D. and our kids, and I am literally taking it one day at a time."

A lot of the time when people hear the word "separation," they automatically correlate that with divorce, but that is not always the case. Even though J.D. and Elizabeth have opened up about the struggles in their marriage, they've both shared that they are working on their relationship and they are open to getting back together if it makes sense for them and their family.