The Way Kristen Learned The Truth About THAT 'Pump Rules' Rumor Made Her "Brain Explode"

Paul Cheney/Bravo

During Monday's Vanderpump Rules, Jax Taylor accused Kristen Doute and James Kennedy of hooking up in Mexico. The cheating rumor resulted in one huge miscommunication thanks to Jax, Tom Sandoval, and Tom Schwartz. It resulted in mass confusion, but some of it was kind of cleared up during Monday's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen. For example, Kristen learned what James actually told Jax and the other guys while watching the episode.

"My brain exploded," she told Andy Cohen about finding out what really happened when she was finally given a copy of the episode before she filmed the Season 6 reunion. "I texted Katie [Maloney] and Stassi [Schroeder], clearly, texted the Witches of WeHo, 'Did you see this the way I saw it?' And we all rewound it five times."

Kristen also said she is mostly mad at Jax and Sandoval for instigating a totally unnecessary situation, which put both she and James in bad positions, especially since they are both dating other people.

Kristen also took to Twitter Tuesday and posted, "You guys do realize that I had no clue that about James/Tom’s actual conversation until I watched the episode, right?" She also tweeted, "we spent 8 months thinking one thing while something else was said. Sandoval & Jax created all of that bs, not James."

Katie's mind was also blown about how everything actually played out. She tweeted Monday night, "Confusion! I was told one thing and then watched this episode and then [exploding head emoji]."

So here's what went down during Monday's episode — and this is all according to Jax: After a drunken night out in Playa del Carmen, James and Kristen were hanging out in the hot tub in Jax and Brittany Cartwright's suite. At one point, they ended up alone in the hot tub, where they were drinking and chatting until the next morning (Kristen didn't get back to her room until 8:30 a.m.).

Per Jax and his "detective skills", when he woke up he could tell they hooked up based on how two pillows were placed near each other on the ledge surrounding the hot tub. Apparently, that's how pillows are positioned when two people have sex in a hot tub. Jax knows, because he's done it before.

Jax, of course, informed the Toms and Peter Madrigal about his theory during their golf outing that day. Eventually, Sandoval couldn't keep his mouth shut and asked James point blank: "Did you hang out with Kristen last night?" James, who was also drunk, responded, "Did I what? What did you just say? Did I hang out with Kristen? I mean, a little bit, but not really."

Somehow, Jax, Sandoval, and Schwartz took this as meaning James and Kristen hooked up. Jax even said in his private interview, "Yeah, I mean, my evidence and surveillance was pretty good, but, I mean, he just full out confessed he did this. He said, 'Yes, so what, we hooked up.'"

Did he, though? Kristen was furious upon hearing this rumor was circulating. She denied it and even confronted James in front of everyone at dinner, where she threw a drink on him. James denied they hooked up and repeatedly told the group he didn't say they hooked up "a little bit".

On WWHL, Kristen stood by her denial. When a caller asked her why anyone should believe her, especially after she lied about cheating on Sandoval with Jax, Kristen replied: "Because I'm telling the truth, that's why! Did you see the scene? That's why. He did not say it."

Well, if you ask Jax, James did say it. Jax has been tweeting a lot since the episode aired Monday. One person asked him if he apologized to James, because Sandoval said "hang out" and Jax replied as follows: "yes you are right that time but like I said you didn’t see the 37378 other times we asked him and we got different answers. You guys don’t see everything. So before you come at me know the whole story."

He gave a similar response Tuesday, when he tweeted, "Keeping your mouth shut doesn’t work in reality tv. I am not saying it happened Kristen said no and I believe her. At the time though a lot was said and you only got to see one of his responses they changed all day."

Whatever really happened, it seems Jax and James are on good terms, at least according to Jax, who tweeted Tuesday, "It’s all good though @itsjameskennedy and I have squashed this."

Who else can't wait to see how all of this is explained at the reunion?