Arya Basically Confirmed This Major Littlefinger-Bran Theory On 'Game Of Thrones'


Fans sure got a lot out of the Season 7 finale of Game of Thrones, "The Dragon and the Wolf". For years, viewers have been waiting for Littlefinger (aka Lord Baelish) to be caught in his manipulative power games, and (spoiler alert!) in the GoT Season 7 finale, it finally happened when Arya and Sansa teamed up to take him down. Among the many transgressions he was forced to answer to, one seemed to confirm the long-held fan theory that Littlefinger tried to kill Bran in Season 1 of GoT.

In "The Dragon and the Wolf", Sansa and Arya finally banded together, with some help from Bran, to reveal Littlefinger's true nature and hold him accountable for his crimes. During his surprise trial, many, many of Littlefinger's dealings finally came to light, including his hand in starting the Stark-Lannister blood feud and his role in getting Ned Stark killed for treason. But the most interesting allegation came from Arya, when she accused him of trying to kill Bran. Using the very same dagger used in Bran's attempted murder — the same one Littlefinger gave Bran earlier in the season — Arya publicly accused him of orchestrating the failed assassination attempt. "You told our mother that this knife belonged to Tyrion Lannister. But that was another one of your lies. It was yours," Arya said.

Fans of the show will remember how, back in Season 1, Catelyn Stark caught an assassin trying to kill Bran using a dagger of Valerian steel. Littlefinger told her that the dagger was his, but that he had lost it to Tyrion Lannister, thus making her believe that Tyrion was responsible for her son's attempted murder. The lie only served to create a greater distance between the Lannisters and the Starks, which, as we all know, resulted in half the Stark family being murdered.

Upon being confronted by Arya, Sansa, and Bran, Littlefinger did not deny that he had tried to get Bran killed in Season 1. Instead he attempted to beg Sansa for his life. But, as he should know by now, the Starks protect their own, and they have a pretty strict policy of not letting those who would try to murder their brother walk free. And, just like that, one Game of Thrones theory is pretty much confirmed, and one traitor put down. It's the Starks' world and we're just living in it.