The Kardashians Make A Major Decision About DASH

Marc Stamas/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashians have accomplished and become famous for so many things that most of the time, I forget it all started with their DASH stores... and apparently, so do they. On Sunday night's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloé, Kourtney, and Kim realized that they aren't spending as much time at the stores as they used to, so when an offer comes in from a department store to buy the company, it seems pretty appealing — 'til Kourt announces she doesn't want to do it. So did the Kardashians sell DASH New York or not? Their discussion was a little confusing.

On KUWTK, it seemed that their final decision was to sell New York and to keep their Miami store since it was such a tourist destination, but did they ever end up shutting down that location? According to the brand's official website, DASH New York is "permanently closed," so it sounds like they did go ahead with the plan they discussed on the show after all. It appears that the Los Angeles and Miami stores are still open for business, though, so if you're hoping to visit one of them someday, you're not totally out of luck quite yet!

Since the store seemed super outdated when Kourtney and Jonathan Cheban visited, it's probably for the best that it closed its doors, especially since it'll allow the ladies to focus on their other locations. Plus, they all have so much on their plates as it is — who can blame them for having to make a tough decision like this one from time to time?

It's good to see that they are keeping the other stores open, though. Like Kourtney said, they're pretty sentimental. Not just to their family, though — to me, too. I mean, who doesn't feel personally attached to seeing them run the store daily when KUWTK was still in its first season?!

So long, tacky purses with lip prints on them. It's time for the next generation of DASH.