This Tomi Lahren 'Seinfeld' Meme Is Going Viral On Twitter & She Is So Pissed About It

by Sarah Beauchamp
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Dec. 23, a Seinfeld parody account, @Seinfeld2000, tweeted a photoshopped screenshot of Tomi Lahren over a news banner that read: "Obama created Festivus to destroy Christmas." And considering some of the outrageous things she's said in the past — like comparing Black Lives Matter to the Ku Klux Klan — many people actually believed Lahren thought Obama invented Festivus.

Festivus is a made-up non-secular holiday — "for the rest of us" — created by Seinfeld writer Dan O'Keefe. The fake meme was retweeted by some verified accounts, and despite the parody account admitting the image was photoshopped, it'd already taken on a life of it's own, with even George Constanza himself getting involved.

"Congrats, @BarackObama, on apparently creating Seinfeld," AmpliFire News editor Jordan Uhl tweeted along with the image. Even days after Seinfeld2000 owned up to the fake image, some verified accounts were still tweeting that it was real, adding to the confusion. "Yes, sadly, she said this," radio host Phil Hendrie tweeted along with the altered image.

This caused a lot of people to think the image was a real screenshot of Fox News. People began to retweet the meme with comments like:

Dumbest statement of the week! And what a lying piece of garbage. Is she too young to know Seinfeld?

The photo was shared by so many people, that Lahren eventually felt the need to respond. She, unsurprisingly, didn't find the joke that funny.

"You idiots think this is real?" she wrote. "Have you nothing better to do than photoshop fake news? Get a hobby. Go for a walk. Do something. Good Lord."

But she didn't stop there — the fake meme apparently struck a nerve with Lahren, who continued to rant on Christmas Eve. "Does it not bother you to circulate a photoshopped piece of FAKE NEWS?" she tweeted at Barstool News Network. "Classy."

While a lot of the people who shared the meme were aware it was a joke and were making fun of Lahren and other Trump supporters' claims of a fake "War on Christmas," many actually seemed to believed it, including Seinfeld actor James Alexander. "Ok, so can we now all agree that this woman is either batshit crazy or that she will say anything for money?" he tweeted.

Lahren accused those who shared the meme of "circulating fake news," and called out Democratic congressional hopeful Dr. Kathie Allen specifically.

Hello there, do you realize you are circulating fake news? Not very professional Dr. Allen but by all means please tell me how stupid you think I am...

While it's true a lot of people were convinced the meme was real, people think that says more about Lahren than it does about them. Fox News has spread some interesting theories in the past, so people didn't think this meme was too far-fetched.

However, the Seinfeld parody account, Seinfeld Current Day, was unbothered by Lahren's reaction, and even encouraged it, tweeting, "gona need u to weigh in here sis." Now a lot of people are congratulating the creator for getting the conservative commentator so riled up.

"I gotta give it to @Seinfeld2000," someone tweeted, "I would kill to personally make @TomiLahren this upset."

It's ironic that Lahren is getting this worked up over a fake meme, considering she spent her latest "Final Thoughts" video ranting about "snowflake melting season."

It's also important to stress that "fake news" was a term coined to describe patently false stories that were reported as truth in order to sway voters during the 2016 election, i.e. Hillary Clinton running a child sex ring in the basement of a pizza shop. The term has since been co-opted by Trump and his supporters to categorize everything from unflattering news to silly Seinfeld memes.