A Unicorn Tears Melted Matte Could Be On The Way

by Augusta Statz
Courtesy Too Faced

There are few things quite as magical as unicorns, but I’d say this brand certainly tops my list of "Most Magical Things." The brand already has one “Unicorn Tears” lipstick shade that is out-of-this-world amazing, and also out of stock. But, did Too Faced just confirm a Unicorn Tears Melted Matte? This Instagram tease could be a huge giveaway!

A few weeks ago, the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the brand, Jerrod Blandino, teased a mystery product and used #sneakypeek and a unicorn emoji, so naturally, the Too Faced fan base proceeded to freak TF out. It was warranted, of course! This tease also came with its own set of online predictions, many of which involved a liquid lip format of the infamous Unicorn Tears lipstick.

Blandino did just post another photo that reveals a little more detail. Nothing has officially been confirmed from the brand, but Bustle has reached out for more information. He’s holding something in the photo, and you can definitely tell that the packaging is for a Melted Matte liquid lippie. It also appears to be blue in color, just like the Unicorn Tears shade, but the product is blocked by a rainbow which was edited into the picture. This definitely isn’t the official confirmation of the product, just yet, but it's enough info to get you extremely excited. The caption reads “What am I holding?” and guesses range from “magic” to “a holographic lippie,” all of which could be plausible, if you ask me!

Unicorn Tears in long-wearing liquid form? Could we be so lucky?


Umm, I know the answer. He's holding the key to my heart!


Fans of the brand are weighing in. They may be onto something with these magical unicorn-type predictions.

The first product tease came a few weeks ago. Whatever this is, it looks absolutely incredible.

Much like a rare one-horn horse, this hue is the most beautiful and majestic thing.

So, if the upcoming item is, in fact, a liquid version of the popular lip color, people will go crazy for it. And honestly, I can't blame them one bit.

Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

Because seriously. What's not to love about this unique lippie?

Courtesy Too Faced Cosmetics

It's got an iridescent quality that is to die for.

Could you be seeing this in liquid version soon? Keep your eyes peeled for more sneak peeks!