Diego Luna Could Be The New 'Scarface'

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If, ever since seeing Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, your heart is still singing to the tune of one Captain Cassian Andor, then I have some fantastic news about the actor who played the role. Variety is reporting that Diego Luna will star in the upcoming Scarface reboot, and this could be a major deal for the actor's career and his fans alike. At this moment in time, it's being rumored that the actor will be portray the Tony Montana lead character (a role made iconic by Al Pacino in the 1983 version of Scarface, which was actually a remake of the 1932 original by the same name). As reported back in 2015, there are a few crucial differences between the original story of the movie and the modern retelling of it, which means that the Scarface remake may not use the same lead character as previous incarnations.

The first difference is that the Scarface remake is set in L.A., rather than Miami, and the second is that it'll focus on a lead character of Mexican descent, rather than Cuban. The core of the narrative, however, which will tell a contemporary rags-to-riches story of an immigrant who becomes a formidably powerful drug kingpin, has for the most part remained the same.

Though the news has yet to be officially confirmed, if true, it could mean wonderful things for Luna's career. Not only is it providing the actor with the opportunity to seize a massive role while his star is currently on the rise, but it will also give him another chance to once again provide some crucial diversity and representation within a mainstream American movie. And, as he revealed in an emotional tweet at the start of January, representation is clearly important to Luna, just as it is to his fans:

At a time when our current President is currently developing some incredibly polarizing policies regarding immigration reform and promoting the building of a border wall between Mexico and the U.S, such representation feels more important than ever. Though the story of Scarface may appear as a less than positive portrayal of an immigrant in America, it's still incredibly rare to find a modern movie that provides a meaty and iconic lead role to a Mexican actor.

Make no mistake: this is going to be a huge movie. The 1983 version of Scarface is a beloved, cinematic classic and is notable for containing some of the most iconic lines and scenes in movie history. A modern day retelling of the same story is one that fans of the original will no doubt be curious and eager to experience. The addition of an actor like Luna, who is so proud of his Mexican roots and who has also managed to completely charm audiences in Rogue One, would be an absolutely perfect choice.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the lead character of Scarface is hardly a hero by most people's standards (save for every dude I ever saw on MTV's Cribs back in the early '00s), the role is certainly the kind that can break new ground for an actor. Though demanding and heavy, such a complex character provides the opportunity for a talent like Luna to truly flex their full capabilities and absolutely own an entire movie for themselves.

That's a big deal for any actor to be given the opportunity to do, but, for those who repeatedly face underrepresentation in casting and characterization within mainstream cinema, this kind of opportunity is even more critical and powerful. It doesn't just provide some much needed diversity and representation in mainstream cinema; it also serves as a reminder to the rest of Hollywood that there's a whole industry of untapped talent out there who have not yet been given the chance to show their skills within a lead role on screen.

Luna is enjoying a hot moment of fame right now, and rightly so. He's talented, charming, and has the sort of captivating screen presence that you want from a lead actor. But the American movie industry, like society itself, needs to provide more opportunities for diversity so that audiences can enjoy more lead actors and characters who reflect America at its multicultural best.