Diptyque's New Scented Tattoos & Jewelry Smell Like The Brand's Best Candles

Face it: You love smelling things. Whether it’s makeup or skin care, many beauty fans have the impulse to take a whiff of whatever it is they’re putting on their face and body in hopes of a scented surprise. To help scratch that itch, Diptyque is launching scented tattoos and jewelry, turning the brand's most delectable candle fragrances into body art and accessories.

The beauty and fashion world collides in the form of yummy-smelling tattoos and jewelry in Diptyque's soon-to-be-launched Prets A Parfumer Collection. The temporary tattoos couldn’t be further from the ones you played with as a kid: These much fancier Diptyque ones are made of satin. Yes, satin. But the collection gets better. The line also includes a perfume-infused string bracelet that’ll make an excellent addition to your minimalistic arm party. The last scented piece of jewelry is a cute little bird brooch that comes with ceramic solids that slip behind the design to keep your fragrance hidden.

While Diptyque is widely known for its candles and fragrances, the brand is making more luxury products that look cool and smell amazing. If you want to smell like your favorite Diptyque candle all day long, you can shop the wearable collection starting Sep. 2 on Diptyque’s website where prices will be between $55 and $120.

Courtesy of Diptyque

According to a Diptyque press release, the Patch de Parfum is described as somewhere between a clothing ornament and a mobile diffuser. These temporary matte satin tattoos can be placed anywhere from the nape of your neck and wrists to your shoulders. You can snag these tattoos (that can be reapplied up to three times) in three different styles and scents: a rose for the Eau Rose scent, a tuberose for the Do Son fragrance, and a swan for the l’Ombre dans l’Eau fragrance. The scented tattoos will retail for $55 each.

Courtesy of Diptyque

This container houses a bunch of string that can be cut into a bracelet of your preferred length, then attached to your wrist with a Diptyque gold-plated clasp. The bracelet comes infused with one of three scents — Do Son, Eau Rose, or Tam Dao — so that when you tie the bracelet around your wrists and arm, it distributes the fragrance onto your body. You'll be able to snag this baby on diptyqueparis.com for $90.

Courtesy of Diptyque

The final product in the Prets A Parfumer Collection is a cute little golden brooch. The brooch comes equipped with perfumed ceramic disks that you can secretly store in the brooch to wear your 'fume on your sleeve or your breast pocket. Not only does this beautiful clothing ornament make for a mobile perfume, but even the legs on the bird-shaped brooch moves and groves as you walk. If you're looking to cop this little birdie, you'll be able to shop it for $120 on the Diptyque website.

A candle brand this beloved makes on-the-go scented products look super luxe. And when mind-blowing products like these grace the market, fragrance fans are sure to come running.