Disney Princess Jerseys Exist & The Internet Is Freaking Out

by Kali Borovic

The jersey-style spirit shirt took over every campus and tourist site some years back, but now your favorite characters are getting involved. As PopSugar found, Disneyland princess spirit jerseys are now a thing, and people are planning their next trip to the resort just to get their hands on them. There's only one place to snag these shirts, and it will cost you a whole lot more than just your typical shipping cost.

There's a fine line between quirky and trendy Disney apparel, and these spirit jerseys are the perfect balance of the two. The shirts are long-sleeved, have the name of the park on the back and a symbol of a princess on the front. Odds are that you've seen this style of shirt a million times, but it's normally splattered with a weird location or sorority name. This one is on million times better.

The back of the shirt reads "Disneyland Resort" in the iconic, well, Disney writing. The front has a different logo for each princess — a shoe, seashell, apple, and rose. In case your not a true Disney fan, that's for Cinderella, Ariel, Snow White, and Aurora. As if all of that wasn't already enough, the writing is also sparkly. Because it's princesses that we're talking about here, people.

Unfortunately, there is currently only one place to shop the shirts — Disney Clothiers on Mainstreet. According to Instagram user @EverythingDisney.55, you have to plan a trip to Disney to get one. Depending on how big of a fan you are, this is either no problem at all or extremely unobtainable.

The spirit jerseys seem to be a little pricey, too. According to the background sounds in this video by Instagram user @AprilsInWonderland, you can hear someone in the background talking about how it would be a birthday present. None of the social media posts have mentioned the price though.

What people have mentioned are the color choices. The park chose purple and sea-foam green for Ariel, white and gold for Cinderella, an ombre of blue, white, and yellow for Snow White, and pink and red for Aurora. While it's pretty much general consensus that the park nailed Ariel and Aurora's design, the jury is still out about Snow White and Cinderella.

Disney lovers might not need any other clothing ever again. Because this collection is taking the world by storm and for a good reason.

The color choices are causing quite the conversation on social media. How did they come up with them? Will there be more options? More princesses involved? The world may never know.

Pretty much everyone, regardless of gender or age, can get behind Disney's latest creation. I'll take one of each, please.

Even the people that have no idea what a spirit jersey is know that it's a big deal. That's how you know that this is an epic sartorial moment, my friends.

Notice how "ones" is plural. Because you can't buy just one. You need to rep all of the princesses equally and have enough options at all times.

This is not a drill. Someone book her that plane ticket, because THAT GIRL NEEDS A PRINCESS INSPIRED SPIRIT JERSEYS. Again, plural.

Oh, how life changes with the drop of a collection.

Dear Disney, please stop making jersey. But, at the same time, please keep making all of the jerseys. Thanks.

Thatis a good question, but also let's love them for what they are please.

No words. Just a whole lot of heart-eye emojis.

Just take it all, because it's well worth every single penny.

Bottom line: You should probably start booking your next trip to Disney.