Disney Just Launched A Ton Of New Stocking Stuffers That Are Basically A '90s Kid Dream


Whether you're shopping for a Disney fan or looking for something for yourself, there are seemingly endless Mickey, Minnie, princess, and Pixar-themed options out there, so you might be looking to narrow things down. And, if you are interested in a Disney stocking stuffer that a '90s kid would like, while that sounds specific, it is itself is an incredibly broad category, because there is that much Disney stuff.

Making things easier in this sea of Disney paraphernalia the internet offers is the fact that the official Disney shop now has a designated stocking stuffers section, as well as the option to browse via type of item and character or movie/show. This way, it's possible to find just small, stocking-sized presents that are specifically related to things a person who grew up in the '90s might enjoy. Like, say, a Beauty and the Beast eight-color retractable pen that will make your sister weep while she explains that it reminds her of Ms. Smith's 3rd grade class. This is exactly the type of reaction you should be looking for when gift-giving this Christmas.

Here are eight Shop Disney stocking stuffers that will at best lead to nostalgia-fueled revelations about life and at worst make your loved one say, "Oh, nice. A face mask."

Aladdin Pin

This Aladdin enamel pin would be surprising for someone to find in their stocking, especially because it comes in a "keepsake glass tube with cork lid." That's definitely... unexpected.

Scar Pin

There's also this Scar pin for The Lion King fan in your life who doesn't hold a grudge.

Beauty And The Beast Pen

Moving on from pins to pens, here is the aforementioned Beauty and the Beast eight-color retractable pen. It'd be great for a bullet journal-er.

Disney Princess ColourPop Eyeshadow

This eyeshadow set is a collaboration between Disney and ColourPop Cosmetics. Each color is inspired by a Disney princess and a song from her respective movie: Cinderella and "So This Is Love", Jasmine and "A Whole New World", Belle and "Be Our Guest", and Tiana and "Almost There".

Stitch Face Mask

Here's one for the young millennials out there. This face mask will make whoever is wearing it look like Stitch, so it doubles as a gift for the person giving it if they get to see their friend or family member using it.

Toy Story Socks

These Toy Story socks — which come in a Christmas ornament — are pretty subtle and are printed to look like the walls of Andy's room. One sock also has Andy's named written on the bottom to mirror how he writes on his toys, so these are an especially great gift if you know anyone named Andy.

Magic Carpet Socks

These Aladdin-inspired socks, also inside of an ornament, look like the magic carpet and like they're pretty cozy.

Cami Set

This cami and underwear set features the classic villains Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and the Evil Queen. Depending on who you're giving this to, they might think the slogan is either genuinely great or completely ridiculous. But when's a better time to wear ridiculous things than while inside the comfort of your own home?

Now, go off, get shopping, and cause the Disney fan in your life to launch into a story about how her parents threw away her VHS collection.