These 'Beauty And The Beast' Minnie Mouse Ears Will Make You Feel Like The Belle Of The Ball

One does not just show up to Disney World in a simple outfit of jeans and a tank. You need to accessorize that look with memorabilia and Magical-Kingdom-inspired pieces, or else you will feel like you're missing out on half of the fun. And lucky for you, Disenyland is now selling Beauty and the Beast Minnie Mouse ears to help you channel your inner princess lover. Those in charge of running the Happiest Place on Earth get that part of the charm of coming to the amusement park is dressing up for it. From simple under-the-radar touches like Mickey mouse themed backpacks and graphic T-shirts, to more fashion-advanced moves like Minnie Mouse approved pencil skirts and princess denim jackets, people love to dress up in themed swag.

And one of the go-to accessories when it comes to dressing up for Disneyland are mouse ears. But now the park has introduced a new pair of ears, with a fresh twist on the iconic silhouette. They're in the same style as the classic Minnie Mouse headband, but now dressed up in a Beauty and the Beast theme.

Made to look like Belle's ballgown, the entire headband is dressed and gold, and the ears have a floral brocade pattern on them that shimmers like the original dress. The iconic Minnie Mouse bow is included, but instead of red and white polka dots it's drenched in gold, with a rose acting as a knot. The flower is an obvious nod to the enchanted rose that has the castle under a spell, and the floral print on the ears is also in the form of rosebuds.

But the magical details don't stop there. If you look at the side of the headband, the words "Tale As Old As Time” is inscribed in cursive on either side, referencing the song that is sung while Belle and the Beast have their first dance together and fall in love.

If you love the look of these ears and they have you wondering what other Disney-inspired memorabilia is out there, check out some great picks below. Stock up and be one of the best dressed people at the park!

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From stylish skirts, to themed backpacks, to Beauty and the Beast inspired headbands, there are plenty of cute accessories out there that will help express your love for Disney. Stock up on them while they last!