Disney Is Launching Plates Based On Its Iconic Desserts


There are those who visit Disney Parks for the rides and those who go to experience the multitude of dining options. Eating at Disney can feel like an amusement park in its own right. And now you can bring a little bit of that animated magic back to your home kitchen. Disney's D-Lish Collection has just been released and it'll bippity-boppity-boo your kitchen into a wonderland.

If Mickey Mouse is your dream dinner guest, get ready to invite him to the dining table for every meal. Disney's D-Lish Collection will include plates, serving bowls and ice cream bowls. Each piece of kitchenware will feature the iconic Mickey Mouse ears in some fashion. Some designs include Mickey ear shaped pepperoni on a slice of cheesey pizza, a Mickey shaped donut and even a Mickey shaped salted pretzel.

Though these sure to be coveted plates aren't yet available, they will be later this year. You'll be able to pick up a dining set at Disney Parks stores as well as online through Are you thinking what I'm thinking? This is the perfect opportunity for stacks of Mickey waffles. Thanks to the release of this kitchenware the happiest place on earth can now actually be your own kitchen.

The latest D-Lish Collection can join all the other Disney themed dishes that you have stocked in your cupboards. Because this isn't the first time Disney has been made available to your kitchen. Cookware such as the stunning royal blue Beauty and the Beast soup pot by Le Creuset and the Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Slow Cooker make cooking a little more enchanting. With all this kitchen equipment in your home we can only hope that all the Disney magic inspires a Beauty and the Beast dinner party. One where the soup pot and the Lumière Serving Plate come to life to sing a sweet duet.

While we patiently await the plates and bowls to grace shelves, there are a multitude of other food related Disney items to showcase our adoration. Wear your love for Mickey Mouse with a Mickey shaped pepperoni pizza cross-body bag. Represent Toy Story's local pizza joint, Pizza Planet, by wearing a t-shirt that looks like you picked it up along with a slice. You can even swap your old wallet for a Disney Parks Food Icons Wallet. There are so many ways to incorporate the iconic Disney Parks treats into life outside the park!

Thankfully all this Disney kitchenware is becoming available just in time to throw an ice cream party. Because you're going to want to throw a very special kind of ice cream party. Brace yourselves, Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bars are reportedly coming to stores. It was recently reported by iHeartRadio that Nestle will be bringing the exclusive treats to nationwide grocery stores in the coming months. And it's all to celebrate Mickey's 90th birthday!

With all this information, it looks like those of us hundreds of miles away from Orlando, Florida and Anaheim, California will get to feel a little closer to the castle.