Disney's New '90s Flashback Collection Honors Movies Of The Decade On Journals, Mugs, & More


There is a lot of Disney merch out there. A lot, a lot. There's all the stuff available in the theme parks, plus everything available on the many pages of the online store. But yet, if you're a Disney fan, this new collection will probably get you excited for new merch once again. As noted by BuzzFeed, the Disney store has a new '90s collection, and really, people outside of the most passionate Disney fans might like this one, too, because it's a real throwback to the days of VHS tapes.

The collection is a collaboration between Oh My Disney (a Disney news site for fans) and Shop Disney. (Both of which are part of Disney itself, but hey, they're calling it a collab, so...) The Oh My Disney '90s Flashback Collection, includes products related to hits of the decade like The Lion King, Hercules, A Goofy Movie, and Aladdin, among others.

And there's a lot going on in this collection. There are T-shirts. There are records. There are notebooks. There are mugs. There are pens with an "E". There are pins with an "I". There are Charlotte Olympia-esque clutches that look like VHS cases. The list goes on and on. Here are some of the items Disney fans can get their hands on now... if they can handle being hit with a wave of pure nostalgia.

1. Hercules Mugs

Hercules 2-Piece Mug Set

Shop Disney

They really nail that look of "mugs that showed up at your house in the '90s and you're not sure how they got there."

2. Beauty & The Beast Cups

Beauty and the Beast Drinking Glass Set

Shop Disney

If you have to see Gaston every time you take a sip of water, you can hydrate yourself and fuel your rage at the same time!

3. Rainbow Pens

The Lion King 8-Color Ballpoint Pen

Shop Disney

Hey! It's one of those pens that can write in a bunch of different colors! You can try to push down all the buttons at once like in the good old days.

4. VHS Journals

The Hunchback of Notre Dame ''VHS Case'' Journal

Shop Disney

It's a notebook that looks like a VHS case. Like many of the products, this one is also available for a variety of different movies.

5. Vinyl Records

Aladdin Picture Disc Vinyl LP Record

Shop Disney

A cassette might have been more '90s, but listening to the 'Aladdin' soundtrack on vinyl sounds pretty nice.

6. Keychains

Disney Animated Feature Mystery VHS Keychain

Shop Disney

The cool thing about these is that they open to look like there's an actual tiny VHS tape inside. The less cool thing is that it's a surprise which one you'll receive if you order.

7. Clocks

The Lion King Desk Clock

Shop Disney

As a kid, this would have just been a fun room accessory. Now, you can use it see how much longer you have at work.

8. Enamel Pins

Hercules Pin Set

Shop Disney

Perfect for that new backpack your parents finally got you!

9. Lunchboxes

A Goofy Movie Lunch Box

Shop Disney

Use it to take your lunch to work, to decorate your kitchen, to store the Disney pins collection you just started. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to all of these, the Disney store has a ton more options from the '90s collection, too, so be sure to check those out whether you're looking to buy a gift for a Disney fan or need to fill the hole that's been in your heart since you donated all your '90s Disney stuff to Goodwill back in 2005.