15 Things You Will Want To Buy From Disney's New Picnic Line Immediately


The end of winter signifies a lot of things worth celebrating. The temperatures are warming up, the flowers are blooming, things are all around more bright and welcoming, which are all a cause for celebration on their own. Luckily, shopDisney is making it easy to get into the party mindset with an expansive new line of accessories perfect for outdoor entertaining. You've never had a barbecue quite as fun as the one you're going to throw this year, because you're going to throw it with the Disney-themed picnic line of your dreams.

The Outdoor Entertaining section of the shopDisney website is filled with more than 80 products. As it turns out, anything you could ever want or need can be styled to bear a likeness to the world's most famous mouse. But, the line doesn't only include dishes and glasses and other dinnerware (though, there is plenty of that). There is an array of cookware, bar accessories, picnic essentials, and even furniture. The new season provides the perfect opportunity for an outdoor shindig with your closest friends, and, of course, your favorite anthropomorphic mouse. Who says you need to go to the Magic Kingdom to party? Here are some of the cutest finds from the outdoor Disney line.

1. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Plate Set - Disney Eats

The most essential of all entertaining accessories is a set of plates. These, which depict Mickey and Minnie in a variety of summery scenes, are made from melamine, making them equally durable and cute.

Disney Eats Snack Bowl Set

Ideal for the snack you set out at a casual shindig, these bowl are subtly Disney and come with matching locking lids for storing extra snacks.

Mickey Mouse and Friends Pitcher Set - Disney Eats

The stackable glasses in this set have images of Donald Duck, Mickey, Minnie, and Pluto. Both the glass set and the pitcher are crafted from durable plastic, so you don't need to worry about breakage.

Disney Parks Food Icons Serving Bowl

Mickey Mouse as an ice cream bar? Revolutionary and the design inspiration for this large serving bowl.

Mickey Mouse Icon Reusable Ice Cubes - Disney Eats

Ideal for iced tea or coffee, these reusable ice cubes will keep your drink cold, but never water it down.

6.Mickey Mouse Popsicle Molds - Disney Eats

Friendly reminder that you can freeze all your favorite fruity beverages turn them into icy treats — make your own dessert with the help of the mouse.

Mickey Mouse Straw Ice Tray - Disney Eats

Here's something you didn't know you needed, but will definitely want. The ice cubes made by this tray incorporate the straw included. They're ideal for making flavored ice cubes to add to something like lemonade.

Mickey Mouse Corn Holders - Disney Eats

Corn consumption is far more pleasant with handles, so why not model them after The Mouse?

Mickey Mouse Reusable Straw Set

In the age of green living, it's important to have a set of reusable straws. These even come with a brush for cleaning.

Mickey Mouse Glove Kitchen Tongs

Have you eve looked at a pair of kitchen tongs and thought "that's so boring"? Probably not. But now you can rest easy knowing your salad is in good hands to serve it.

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Bottle Stoppers

Bottle stoppers are a must have for anyone who drinks wine. Worry not about losing the cork with one of these cute ice cream-themed stoppers on hand.

Pizza Planet Pizza Peel

Making your own pizza is often as easy as ordering one. Get some pre-made dough, sauce, and toppings, and roll it out. Bake it on this Pizza Planet Pizza Peel for maximum char and deliciousness.

13. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Picnic Basket

This picnic basket comes with anything you could ever want for a picnic. Included in this basket, per the shopDisney website, is "a deluxe setting for two including glasses and porcelain plates."

Mickey Mouse Cheeseboard

It's not a real adult patio party without a cheese board. Nobody ever said it couldn't be shaped like Mickey Mouse, and comes with a hidden drawer for knives.

Mickey Mouse Picnic Table with Seats

With a collapsable table like this, you'll never have to worry about staining your pants again. Just fold it up, load it into your car, and live your Disney dreams.