Disney's 'The Little Mermaid' Summer Clothing Line Will Make You A Part Of Ariel's World

The groundhog might have been right about the cold weather sticking around, but that just gives you more time to prepare your summer wardrobe. As BuzzFeed found, Shop Disney created a The Little Mermaid Collection that has everything you need for warm weather. Think: scaly leggings, towels that look like fins, and quirky accessories to keep you going all season long.

Ariel might have wanted to be a part of our word, but this collection will make you want to dive in the water and never leave. Shop Disney comes up with the ultimate Disney apparel that mixes the best trends with the most classic characters, and this one is no different. Just in time for summer, the brand created The Little Mermaid Pool Party Collection.

They weren't exaggerating when they named it that, either. The line has every single thing you could possibly need for a princess party. There's clothing, pool floats, water bottles, and photo booth accessories. These items aren't for just little fans. They're all completely on trend, but will make the child inside you extremely happy as well.

Ready for the best part? All the items are affordable. The Little Mermaid Pool Party Collection ranges from $12 for accessories to $60 for large pool floats. Your party can be as mermaid-themed as your little heart desires.

Shop Disney

When people hear The Little Mermaid, they instantly think of Ariel. But Shop Disney is making sure that every character gets a chance to shine. Even Flotsam and Jetsam, Ursula's henchmen, get their own clothing item. Of course, there are tons of puns too. Because it wouldn't be a grown-up Disney collection without them.

You need to see these items for yourself. Here's a peek at some of the best items in the collection, so you can plan your pool party accordingly. Shop fast though, because something tells me that this collection is going to be an instant bestseller.

Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat?

1. Scaly Slides

Ariel Slides


Shop Disney

Have you ever seen a more summery slide? Rhetorical question. You might not have fins, but these shoes are the next best thing. Because everyone should be able to embrace their inner mermaid as their kicking it in the sand or strolling around the pool.

2. Mermaid Jersey

Ariel Mermaid Spirit Jersey


Shop Disney

If no one notices your mermaid-self from your shoes, there's a way to make the message loud and clear. This jersey style shirt has the word "mermaid" on one side and a holographic image of a mermaid on the front. It truly doesn't get any more magical than this.

3. Water-Resistant Phone Holder

Ariel Waterproof Phone Holder


Shop Disney

When you're a mermaid, you can't control the amount of splashing around that you do. Thankfully, there's a super cute phone holder to make sure that all of your belongings don't get soaked when you're trying to be a part of Ariel's world.

4. Fin Towel

Ariel Fin Towel


Shop Disney

This is anything but your average beach towel. When you wrap this one around your waist, it looks like you just grew fins. So you can go from 0 to 100 mermaid real quick.

5. Drink Holders

'The Little Mermaid' Drink Holder Set


Shop Disney

Even mermaids have to stay hydrated. There's no better way to keep your fizzy water from getting your hands cold than with this adorable and super punny holder set. Plus there's extras for all of your finned friends.

6. Ariel Leggings

Ariel Leggings


Shop Disney

Not all mermaid have tails. Okay, they do, but this is a great alternative for those of us without fins.

7. Sebastian Pool Float

Sebastian Pool Float


Shop Disney

You're going to need your bestie, if you're looking to feel like Ariel. This giant pool float should make you feel right at home.

This is only the beginning of incredible items to get your party going. Shop Disney is pretty much your one stop shop to embracing your inner mermaid.