Here's What "Divorce Cakes" Look Like

by Lara Rutherford-Morrison

People eat cake to celebrate life’s happy events all the time — but why should cake be limited to weddings and birthdays? Every major milestone deserves cake, and, unfortunately, sometimes milestones suck. Enter: Divorce cakes. Yes, cakes that celebrate divorce. These creative confections add a little extra sugar to experiences that sit on the bittersweet end of the spectrum — and they’re definitely trending at the moment. And why not? One should never turn down an opportunity for cake.

“I have an entire selection of divorce cakes,” Kim Say, owner of Adult Cakes by Kim in Houston, told NPR. She said she customizes cakes to reflect specific divorces, like one she made for a woman whose musician-husband had cheated on her. “I got a bunch of [little plastic] guitars and then I broke them in half and I threw them all over the cake," she said. And they make good gifts: Say said there’s a lawyer who buys multiple divorce cakes a year from her as gifts for clients.

The divorce cake trend seems to be less aimed at glorifying divorce than at commemorating the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Breakups are usually painful and awful — but actually moving on from a bad relationship is something to celebrate. Besides, divorce itself is a long, grueling, expensive process. I can imagine wanting to go a little nuts when it’s all over.

These cakes approach divorce in a variety of ways — some aim for pretty, while others go for dark humor (and sometimes, er, cake-simulated violence). Naz Yasin, of The Cakestress in Vancouver, took a different route when she made this Wonder Woman-themed divorce cake:

“The customer asked for something empowering and positive as opposed to the usual husband/male bashing themes out there,” Yasin tells Bustle.

This one went with a steampunk theme:

Baker Fiona Brook told the Guardian of this cake, "The customer was throwing a party to mark the end of one chapter in her life and the move into the future, hence the play on words 'Time’s Up – Full Steam Ahead!' on the cake."

Here's one with an unfortunate ex falling from a great height:

While this one has a lyrical bent:

This cake shows that just because a cake is celebrating a divorce doesn't mean it can't be sweet and pretty:

And with this topper, any cake can be a divorce cake:

May all of your life's moments — whatever they may be — be celebrated with cake. And frosting. Insane amounts of frosting.