A Beauty Fridge Just For Skincare Sounds Extra AF, But Here's Why It Could Be Legit

When it's super hot outside, applying a cool product to your skin is positively dreamy. But do the benefits of refrigerating your skincare products go beyond a nice feeling? Some seem to think so as more people are openly admitting to buying mini fridges to house the various elements of their beauty regime. But do beauty products need to be kept in the fridge? People are beginning to invest in 'beauty fridges,' but is this just some fad that will blow over in a couple of weeks?

The first question in this beauty-related mystery is: what the hell is a beauty fridge? Well, some brands have decided to capitalise on the growing skincare obsession and release miniature fridges dedicated to luring in a beauty lover. Essentially, these teeny tiny devices are the same as the mini fridge you may have kept holed up in your room during your teenage years.

One company has dominated the market. Makeup Fridge can both cool and heat products (more on that later) and comes with a snazzy handle for your travels. Unfortunately, it currently only ships to the U.S. and Canada, so UK folk will have to settle for a standard mini fridge for now. Alternatively, you could just save money and chuck your products in your usual fridge.

But do you even need to keep creams and serums cold? Dermatologist Howard Sobel confirmed my suspicion that this may all be a clever marketing ploy. He told Health that refrigerating skincare "is not really necessary. There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits." However, he did admit that a lower temperature "does add an extra calming effect to face masks, moisturisers, and creams, which is especially helpful when treating irritated skin."

Only certain products will benefit. As Harper's Bazaar reports, keeping day creams cold can help reduce puffiness and boost circulation for that extra glow. A fridge can also assist face mists, sheet masks, and serums along with natural formulas or anything with a relatively short shelf life.

It's of particular advantage to Vitamin C, states Into The Gloss, due to its unstable nature. Plus, Sobel recommends refrigerating serums to help inflamed acne and aloe-based products for a refreshing and soothing feel, according to Health. The only things that need to remain out of the fridge are makeup, oils, and balms as these can either separate or turn rock solid.

In conclusion, cooling your skincare is a personal preference, not a necessity. While a fridge may provide a handy storage method, the added expense could be one step too far for some.

And if you were wondering why the aforementioned Makeup Fridge boasts the ability to heat beauty products, here's your answer. According to Harper's Bazaar, heating certain face masks will encourage pores to open, allowing ingredients to easily enter and work their magic on skin.

Again, this may be one step you just can't get on board with — and that is perfectly OK. The beauty of beauty is that barely any rules are set in stone. So feel free to make or break as many as you want.