Thinx Period-Proof Panties Now Come In Cotton & This Is How They Work

Period-proof panty brand Thinx has expanded its line yet again. Thinx Cotton is the newest version of the brand's signature menstruation-absorbent undies made of organic cotton . If you are new to the this panty party, Thinx undies are designed to absorb tampon spillover and leaks. They can even replace tampons and pantyliners entirely, depending on your flow.

The undies are anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-resistant. They won't make you feel like you are sitting around in a wet diaper, and they are washable and reusable. I know, it's a lot to take in — especially when you consider they are now coming in cotton.

The original Thinx are made of a nylon material and sort of look like Spanx. The cotton edition is more relaxed and comes in gender inclusive cuts — brief, thong, and bikini.

Thinx endured a rash of negative publicity earlier this year, thanks to a Racked report about how the company's external, heavily feminist marketing tactics didn't match its internal company policies. But the company continues to create innovative period products to boost its rep.

The cotton period-proof panties boast the signature four-layer technology Thinx is known for. The brief style can hold up to two tampons' worth of fluid, while the bikini and thong hold less.

Thinx vice president Siobhan Lonergan told Refinery29 that the decision to create a cotton version was a matter of both nostalgia and customer demand, saying, "It comes back to your grandmother or your mom always telling your to wear cotton during your period."

She also stated that cotton's breathability makes these panties more comfy than other fabrics.

Courtesy of Thinx

"Our core line has a certain aesthetic and it delivers one thing," Lonergan told Refinery29. "But our cotton line hopefully will reach another section of our customer base that have been asking for this product."

Courtesy of Thinx

My mom definitely told me to rock cotton undies during my time of the month. She also advised me of this: "If you don't ask, you'll never know."

Clearly, she was onto something, since Thinx lovers asked and got the answer they wanted.

Courtesy of Thinx

It's always good to have more choices to tackle that time of the month.