One Sneaky Clue Could Reveal Who Allison Williams Plays In ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’

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There are major spoilers for the A Series Of Unfortunate Events books and Season 2 ahead. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is not just a story of three unlucky children, it is also the woeful tale of the unlucky author, his former comrades, and his once true love. Season 2 of the Netflix series dives even deeper into Lemony Snicket's past and opens up a new mystery. Is Allison Williams playing Beatrice in A Series Of Unfortunate Events? In Episode 10, Snicket says that he suspects that the former Madame Lulu is a woman that he knows very well.

The identity of Beatrice is a mystery that plagues fans of Lemony Snicket's books throughout almost the entire young adult series. The Netflix adaptation has continued the intrigue with similar poetic dedications to her memory at the beginning of every other episode and vague allusions to the woman he once loved. In Episode 9, it appears that Beatrice appears for the first time — dressed in a dragonfly dress on a balcony at V.F.D. headquarters.

Allison Williams, who will fully join the series in Season 3, according to Variety, appears briefly at the end of Season 2. All fans know so far about her character is that she is a daring volunteer, was playing the role of Madame Lulu at Caligari Carnival when Olivia Caliban arrived, secured Esme's stolen sugar bowl from Heimlich Hospital, and is now driving Jacques' taxi cab.

First of all, if you look carefully in the V.F.D. headquarters flashback, you'll notice that it's Williams' character who writes the "Olaf knows" note and slips it to Larry Your Waiter. Only the back of her head can be seen, but the red gloves give her away. While it's possible that she quickly changed into a dragonfly dress, it wouldn't make a whole lot of sense. Lemony Snicket would have recognized her handwriting, and she wouldn't have needed the warning about Olaf in the first place.

Second of all, fans who read all the way to the end of the book series learn (at long last) that Beatrice Baudelaire is the mother of Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. Not only is she dead before the Unfortunate Events take place, but she's seen in the V.F.D. photograph. Clearly, Olaf did not successfully murder her on that balcony. Just like Severus Snape protected Harry Potter out of a love for the late Lily Potter (though, controversial opinion, maybe not as creepy), Lemony Snicket is chronicling the Baudelaire orphans partially out of a love for their late mother. Beatrice and Lemony were once inseparable, but Beatrice refused Lemony's marriage proposal for unknown reasons and later married Bertrand Baudelaire.

There is, however, one strong clue that suggests Williams may be Beatrice — the red scarf that she wears when she steps out of the cab. One of the anecdotes about Beatrice in the books notes that she wore a red shawl while performing in an opera. Suspicious!

All things considered, it is most likely true that Williams is instead playing Kit Snicket, a woman that Lemony Snicket knows very well because she is his sister. Jacques mentions having siblings, plural, in one episode as well. Also, the severe side part in her hair is a major tell. Both Lemony and Jacques also wear their chestnut hair this way. It is Kit who tells the Baudelaire orphans about the red shawl in the book — perhaps she received it as a gift. She also appears in the books driving a taxi. It all fits quite well.

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There are a few other characters from the books that Williams could potentially be playing. One is Fiona Widdershins, a volunteer that the Baudelaires meet in The Slippery Slope, though that character is meant to be closer to Klaus' age. (Fun fact: Fiona's brother Fernald is the Hook-Handed Man.) Williams could be playing a member of the Denoument family, who appears in The Penultimate Peril. There's also Geraldine Julianne, a Daily Punctilio reporter, and the villainous Woman With Hair But No Beard — those who haven't been able to trust Williams since Get Out may want to consider that possibility.

It is unlikely that fans, like Lemony Snicket and the Baudelaire orphans, will never see Beatrice again in A Series Of Unfortunate Events. It's a nice thought that this woman everyone misses dearly is out there and fighting the good fight, but don't be fooled. However this story ends, it began as a tragedy, and some things can't be changed.