'Our Girl' Has Been Dropping Hints This Could Be Georgie's Last Season & We Can't


Our Girl has been a brutal watch as of late. Last series, they killed off Elvis and now, we've lost Bones as well. So who's next? Does Georgie Lane die in Our Girl? Is anyone off limits? Personally, I'm starting to wonder.

Let's face it, Our Girl bosses certainly have not had a problem killing off pivotal characters in the past. Indeed, before the deaths of Elvis (Luke Pasqualino) and Bones (Olly Rix), 2-Section lost their dearly beloved Smurf (Iwan Rheon) in Series 1. Sheesh, the writers really are prepared to go above and beyond to shock their audience, aren't they? And I guess killing off Georgie (Michelle Keegan) would certainly be the ultimate twist nobody saw coming.

But why do they do it? Isn't killing off lead characters à la Game of Thrones a seriously risky move? Well, apparently, that's exactly why they do it. During an interview with the Radio Times, Our Girl creator Tony Grounds explained that it's the "brave" thing to do. Commenting on Elvis' death, he said: "It was a great dramatic way to go with it. Being in the forces, he’s quite close to death all the time so that was the one thing that stuck in my mind.


"We could have sent [Elvis] to prison or on holiday or just not seen him for five years but that seemed a bit daft so we thought let’s take this brave way — and he dies on the battlefield in Georgie Lane’s arms. We were forced into that way of thinking because I love him and I would happily have had Elvis in forever."

Is it just me or could this line of thinking very easily be applied to Georgie as well? Ugh. I'm getting nervous for my favourite fictional army medic.

Another sign that Our Girl producers could potentially consider killing off its leading lady is the fact that writers have hinted at possible plans to bring back Keegan's predecessor, Lacey Turner. "If [Lacey] ever wanted to do it she’s only got to ring me up – she knows that," Grounds previously told Radio Times: "I think it’s all about logistics. I don’t know how EastEnders works and we’re invariably filming a broad. But I love that Molly Dawes character."


Of course Molly and Georgie could both be part of 2-Section at the same time. But after Molly's husband, Captain James, declared his love for Georgie, I'm not sure how long that set-up would last. Talk about awkward. With that in mind, following Captain James' admission, Georgie hasn't looked all that comfortable in 2-Section, especially around him (aka her boss). Is there a possibility she would want to a transfer even if she were to stay alive?

Well, there are actually more signs Georgie could be a goner.

After two series filming the show in locations around the world, it's more than possible Keegan may eventually look to relinquish the demanding travel terms of her role in order to spend more time with her husband Mark Wright, who works in the United States. Indeed, both Keegan and Wright have spoken about their long-distance relationship in the past, with Keegan revealing that she spent eight months away from home while filming her first series of Our Girl. "The first episode, we were in South Africa and then we went to Malaysia to film the rest of the series," Keegan told ITV's This Morning. "We were away for eight months in total."

When filming Our Girl, Keegan spends long stretches abroad, and she doesn't find the time apart from her hubby very easy. She told the Daily Mail: "The rule is we try not to spend more than three weeks apart, although the longest we’ve gone is six weeks [when she was filming series three of Our Girl] which was really difficult. And we make lists of what we are going to do when we see each other."


She added: "We miss each other and staying in is our favourite way of doing a date night. A lot of the time I don’t think about where we are. If Mark is there it’s home for me."

Right, so what does this mean? Will Georgie Lane survive the end of Series 3 or not?

I contacted BBC One to find out but unsurprisingly, a spokesperson for the show didn't want to comment.

So, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. But if something does happen to Georgie at the end of Series, don't say I didn't warn you.

Our Girl continues tonight at 9 p.m. on BBC One.