Does Kim Jong Un Like K-Pop? He Was Reportedly "Deeply Moved" By A Recent Performance

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Korean Pop, more commonly referred to K-pop, is a dazzling world replete with addictive beats, riveting drama, and powerful boy and girl bands who stun their loyal audiences with their talent for serenading and busting intense moves all at once. Now the industry can boast another and perhaps unprecedented achievement. According to South Korean reporters, Kim Jong Un likes K-pop. In fact, reporters say that Kim gave South Korean singers a ton of applause after the two-hour concert. The applause, on a deeper level, hints that relations between the North and South might just be improving after all.

It may sound unbelievable to some people, but it was the first time in a decade that a North Korean leader attended a South Korean artistic event. On Monday, CNN shared a Pyeongchang Performance Joint Press video of the North Korean leader enthusiastically clapping for South Korean singers one by one. Later on, Kim even talked about encouraging such events.

According to various media reports, Kim recently attended a South Korean spring-themed band performance in the East Pyongyang Grand Theater where 160 South Korean performers flew in to sing for their North Korean audience. The theater, which is said to have 1,500 seats for attendees, included the North Korean leader and his wife as well as other government officials. While speaking of the event, Kim said, "We should hold culture and art performances frequently."

In photos shared by South Korean reporters, Kim and his wife, Ri Sol Ju, could be seen waving at the South Korean singers and giving them a standing ovation. The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim "said that he was deeply moved to see our people sincerely acclaiming the performance, deepening the understanding of the popular art of the South side."

One of the bands to perform was Red Velvet from South Korea. even reported that some viewers had a theory that Kim liked Irene from the band the most. Of course, on Twitter, this supposed theory took on a more comical form with users sharing screenshots of Kim standing next to Irene.

One Twitter user joked, "Irene is internally screaming for help and cursing whoever put her next to Kim Jong Un." According to, Irene was "leaning away" from the North Korean leader. But it's all speculation for now as neither Kim nor Irene from Red Velvet have said anything about the fan-based theories.

Another Twitter user shared a hilarious video and said this is "Irene getting away from Kim Jong Un the second they finished taking pictures." You can see the wild clip for yourself.

For others, it was all about envy as one Twitter user joked about not being able to see their favorite songs performed live on stage. "Kim Jong Un got to see Bad Boy perform live but I didn't," Twitter user @baewannie said. Bad Boy" is a song by the aforementioned Red Velvet and it's got some catchy lyrics, too.

It's a South Korean song about a "bad boy" with a "nonchalant expression" who apparently talks like he's uninterested. His "edgy style is a bonus." The singers coo, "I try to ignore you but I'm drawn to you" in Korean. Oh, and there's a lot of "ooh ooh" and "whoa whoa." Suffice it to say, people seem to be addicted to the song.

Associated Press reported that Kim said, "There had been interest in whether I would come and see Red Velvet. I had initially planned to attend a performance the day after tomorrow but I came here today after adjusting my schedule." For the members of Red Velvet, according to AP, seeing Kim in person was incredible. Red Velvet member Yeri said she was "nervous" but ultimately happy to meet Kim while Red Velvet singer Seulgi said seeing North and South Koreans sing together made her cry with joy.