Kylie Jenner Just Shot Down A Rumor About Her Family With The Most Impactful Emoji

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Kardashian-Jenner family is all about shooting down rumors when they aren't true, and now, Kylie Jenner's getting ahead of one before it even gains steam. On Wednesday, Kylie shut down a report saying Kris Jenner is going to manage Kanye West and Travis Scott, and if you're a bit confused about what she's talking about, you're not the only one. So, what was Kylie's tweet about? Here's what you need to know.

As anyone who's ever seen at least five minutes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians probably knows, Kris is the woman behind her daughter's careers. Although they've all definitely butted heads about business decisions over the years, it seems to be working out well, considering the fact that the Kardashian-Jenner women are consistently killing it in every facet of their career. However, on April 4 there was a rumor going around that Kris is planning on taking over West and Scott's careers, but now, thanks to Kylie, we know that's absolutely not happening.

And of course, she shut down that story in the best way possible: simply tweeting, "This isn't true" along with the face palm emoji. This is how you know she's being serious — and that, after two decades of life, she's probably starting to get tired of the rumor mill.

Kylie linked to a story from Complex, but the report originally came from Page Six. According to their anonymous sources, West was planning to leave his longtime manager and Scott was going to break ties with his so that they could both be taken under Kris' wing. Page Six reported West and manager Izvor Zivkovic have been "on and off" for the past few years, so he wanted to make a change.

“Kris is in [West’s] ears," Page Six's insider said. "Kanye’s been making changes and [he and Zivkovic] have grown apart — but Kris definitely gives her opinion and Kanye’s all ears. She’s about brand building and is gangster at it."

And what's more? Supposedly, Kris also inspired Scott to do the same thing. "She also told Travis Scott to fire Mark Gillespie. They are 100 percent part of that Kardashian-Jenner brand.”

Yes, it was reported that Scott did leave Gillespie and Three Six Zero Management in March, according to Variety, but he hasn't explained why he made that decision and Variety also previously reported that Scott was working with new management already — and not Kris Jenner. It's jumping to conclusions to assume that it was because of something Kris advised to him to do — especially since now Kylie is denying any validity behind the report that she's managing him.

While it could be said that Scott and West are part of the Kardashian-Jenner brand, it's not really how either of them have chosen to conduct their music careers. West has built his own brand, before his marriage to Kardashian and completely independent of it. And as for Scott? He's not married to Kylie and he also seems to be doing fine on his own, so it makes sense that this rumor wouldn't be true.

Now, if we could only count on Kylie to clear up all rumors about her family for the rest of time. Remember how long we spent trying to figure out if she, Kim, and Khloé were having new babies or not last year? For so long, all we had to cling to were unconfirmed reports and tiny social media clues. If only it had been as simple as checking Kylie's Twitter to see what was up.

Thank you, Kylie, for keeping us all informed. Next time something's going on, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to check her social media to find out if she's cleared it up. This could be a new pattern for her.