Does My Cat Like Me? 13 Signs Your Furry Friend Is Your Biggest Fan

Part of the appeal of cats is their sense of mystery. They often play their cards close to their furry little chests, slower than their canine counterparts to make it clear to their humans that they love and appreciate them. As a result, if you're a proud cat owner, you might find yourself wondering more often than not if that kitty you share your home with even likes you... especially because you, like, love your cat. In an effort to try to put this questioning to rest, I've compiled this list of a few signs your cat is actually your biggest fan.

Start paying closer attention to your cat's behavior and see if you can pick up on any of these loving cues. Seemingly insignificant cat habits might be more meaningful than you think! In many cases, cats apply their natural instincts for cat-to-cat behavior in the "wild" to the humans who have become their family, so if you ever feel like your cat is treating you like an animal, you should really take it as a compliment. Next time your kitty exhibits any of these behaviors, pat yourself on the back knowing that you've impressed a pet that's known for not being so easily impressed.