13 Signs Your Cat Actually, Genuinely, REALLY Likes You

by Alli Hoff Kosik

Part of the appeal of cats is their sense of mystery. They often play their cards close to their furry little chests, slower than their canine counterparts to make it clear to their humans that they love and appreciate them. As a result, if you're a proud cat owner, you might find yourself wondering more often than not if that kitty you share your home with even likes you... especially because you, like, love your cat. In an effort to try to put this questioning to rest, I've compiled this list of a few signs your cat is actually your biggest fan.

Start paying closer attention to your cat's behavior and see if you can pick up on any of these loving cues. Seemingly insignificant cat habits might be more meaningful than you think! In many cases, cats apply their natural instincts for cat-to-cat behavior in the "wild" to the humans who have become their family, so if you ever feel like your cat is treating you like an animal, you should really take it as a compliment. Next time your kitty exhibits any of these behaviors, pat yourself on the back knowing that you've impressed a pet that's known for not being so easily impressed.

Your Cat Gives You Eye Kisses

According to petMD, "the languid blinking of feline eyes is one of your cat's most charming ways of showing love." Eye kisses — also known as slow blinks or cat kisses — are a sign of a cat's love, trust, and happiness. If you blink slowly back at your cat, you'll demonstrate that the positive feelings are mutual.

She Greets You At The Door

Dogs usually get all the credit for this move, but The Guardian notes that a doorside greeting is a sign of affection from felines too. If your cat greets you enthusiastically after a long day, I think it's pretty safe to say that he or she is a big fan of yours.

Your Cat Follows You Around

Do you feel like you have a little furry shadow? Those four paws that are constantly underfoot belong to a pet who is hopelessly devoted to you. "If your buddy is always following you around, you can bet he loves you a whole bunch," Modern Cat notes.

Your Cat Purrs

Cat expert Nicky Trevorrow tells Cosmo that the classic cat purr is a sure sign that your kitty loves and trusts you. Cats don't even purr to each other, so you should feel very special to be on the receiving end of this kind of gesture.

Your Cat Shows You Their Belly

Your cat rolling over onto her back might feel more demanding than anything else — "Pet me! Brush me!" — but you should actually take it as a major compliment. According to Modern Cat, a cat's belly is actually its most vulnerable spot, so when a feline shows you theirs, it's a vote of confidence.

They Knead On Your Body

Kneading is "the rhythmic moving of front paws," per petMD, and cats start doing it in their earliest days as kittens while their mothers feed them. If your grown-up cat kneads any part of your body, it means he or she associates you with happiness and warmth.

Your Cat Is Talkative

Like humans, some cats choose to express their love verbally. As annoying as constant meowing can be, Trevorrow confirms to Cosmo that only a cat who likes — no, loves — you will "talk" to you incessantly.

Your Cat Wraps Its Tail Around You

A cat uses its tail to express moods and messages. According to petMD, "whether her tail is lightly brushing against you or winding around you, it indicates approval and possession, telling the world 'Yes, this is my human.'"

Your Cat Brings You "Presents"

If you're the proud owner of an outdoor cat, you may have been on the receiving end of mice or other feline prey. I know it's pretty gross and kind of upsetting, but your cat considers those rodent deliveries an expression of love! I Heart Cats notes that cats are natural hunters, so their prey is a true offering to you. Assuming your cat lives inside, they may bring you toys or trash in the same spirit.

Your Cat Sleeps Next To You

In case you missed the very obvious memo, cats love to sleep, and where they choose to cozy up at night is more meaningful than you might think, according to petMD. If your feline opts to share a bed with you, you can rest assured (get it?) that he or she likes you.

Your Cat Hangs Out Around You

Cats typically make it obvious when they have no time for someone by simply walking away from the situation. I love that about cats. But the opposite is true as well! "Your cat may not be overly affectionate, but if she's always in the same room you're in — even if she seems to not be paying you any attention — then she values your company," Modern Cat notes.

Your Cat Head Butts You

When your cat rubs its head up against you, he or she is sharing facial pheromones with you, according to I Heart Cats. In the feline kingdom, this is a gesture of care and possession.

Your Cat Licks You

Within the cat community, grooming is a loving activity. Cats clean each other as a sign of care and affection! When your cat licks you, petMD says, it means you are quite popular with him or her. Return the favor by brushing or combing your furry friend.