Does Screen Time Affect Your Skin? The Answer Is Scarier Than You Probably Realize

Omar Havana/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You know that you have to protect your skin from the sun. So you slather your face with SPF 50 during the summer, and gravitate toward foundation and skin cream laced with sunblock in its formula. It's drilled into everyone's head so well that the protective regimen has become almost second nature. Everyone knows they have to take care of their skin and keep it healthy from damaging UV rays. But what if sun rays aren't the only enemy?

What if there's a new culprit trying to damage your skin, and you haven't even heard of it? Introducing High Energy Visible Light, or HEV rays for short, and the FIXMD skincare line that can block them.

HEV rays damage skin by breaking down collagen, and the rays come from the glow of screens, like our laptops, phones, and TVs. And seeing how we're constantly exposed to these rays, the damage can be considerable.

"HEV light penetrates even deeper into skin structures than UVA," the creators of the FIXMD line tell Bustle. HEV rays break down your skin subtly and slowly, but it's still super harmful — and you don't have the visible warning signs that you get from UV rays that you need to stop and protect your skin, like redness and sunburns. So it's sneakier.

"The deeper cells of skin are responsible for replacing and replenishing new skin cells," the creators say. " If they are damaged, and therefore not functioning at their full potential, the production of things like elastin, collagen, hylauronic acid, and proteins declines." Because of this, the damaged cells can become lazy, meaning your skin breaks down faster and starts looking damaged.

"Over 30 percent of people spend 10-plus hours a day in front of screens," the creators add. "Over 60 percent spend three to nine hours daily. So protecting from damage from the screens we sit in front of makes good common sense."

One downer about this piece of information is that SPF won't protect your skin from these screen rays, because it only works to block UV rays. But FIXMD is a collection that will help you protect your skin from that mean glow of your computer screen.

"Don’t panic, and don’t roll your eyes that there is yet another thing out there that can hurt you," creator Dr. Anson says. Just do the best you can to protect your skin.

But does the line work as great as promised? I've been testing out the products for four months, and below is the FIXMD collection with my review.