All The Ways You Can Charge Your iPhone 8


On Tuesday, the much-anticipated new iPhone series was released. The iPhone X, along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are the newest additions to Apple's family. As consumers debate whether or not to purchase Apple's newest products, they likely have many questions surrounding features and compatibility, including whether the iPhone 8 will work with an iPhone 7 charger.

iPhone models that are 5th generation or newer have what are known as lightning port to USB-A chargers. The USB-A port represents the end you plug into your computer or wall charger. The new iPhone 8 is compatible with this lightning port to USB-A charger, since it retains a lightning port and the iPhone 7 charging cord will fit the device.

Charging capabilities are always a much-anticipated feature prior to the release of a new iPhone, as people want to know whether they can utilize their old iPhone charging accessories with a new model or if they must purchase all new equipment. For all those hoping to use their old accessories, you're in luck. The new iPhone 8 will indeed be compatible with an iPhone 7 charger, as both have the same lightning port to USB charging set-up. However, the iPhone 8 also comes with a brand new way to charge your phone — wireless.

Apple's most significant iPhone charging transition came when it moved from its 30-pin dock-connector port, something you may recall from iPhone models preceding the iPhone 5, to its current lightning port. Back in 2012, when the transition occurred, Apple noted that it was making the change due to the limited features of the 30-pin dock-connector as well as the fact that Apple devices were getting smaller — and the 30-pin connector took up too much space.

At the time, many iPhone users were required to make a complete transition in regards to phone accessories, something which was controversial at the time, though many have adapted after five years. Nowadays, nearly all of Apple's phone accessory products are connected via lightning port, including docking stations, airpods, keyboards, mice, tracking pads, and beyond.

But at the Apple event on Tuesday, the company announced a whole new charging transition that will totally change the game. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus will have the "freedom of wireless charging."

While new iPhone 8 users will retain their lightning charging port, many are likely looking forward to the option to charge their phone wirelessly, especially as some people showed frustration when the headphone jack was removed and people could not listen to their headphones and charge their phone at the same time, unless they bought the wireless AirPods.

Thus, the iPhone 8's dual appeal of still using a lightning port while also charging wirelessly will likely appeal to many users and could serve as an impetus for them to make the leap and purchase the iPhone 8