Does Trump Have Dentures? Trevor Noah Thinks He Knows Why The President Slurred His Jerusalem Speech

Trump made a big announcement about American foreign policy in relation to Israel on Wednesday, one that could have significant ramifications for the process of reaching peace in the Middle East. When the Daily Show covered the announcement, however, that wasn't the question that came up. Instead, the question was this: does Donald Trump have dentures? Trevor Noah, for his part, thinks that it's a distinct possibility.

Let's not forget, this is a serious issue. Trump announced that the United States will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital, potentially complicating years of peace negotiations in which the question of who can call Jerusalem their own is a major sticking point. And yet, as Noah aptly pointed out, Trump's speech perhaps didn't carry all the weight it should have because of what Noah called "the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue."

"Let us rethink old assumptions and open our hearts and minds to defeat radicalism that threatens the hopes and dreams," Trump says in the first clip, stumbling over each 's' and 'th' as though he was a preteen with new braces. "I ask the leaders of the nation, political and religious," goes another line, in which Trump slurs together "political and religious." Trump saves the best for the end, though, when he delivers a line he's probably said a thousand times, just never quite in this way: "God Blesh the United Shtaytsh."

"Yo, did President Trump just 'Adele Dazeem' the United States?" Noah asks through his laughter, referring to the infamous moment when John Travolta referred to actress Adina Menzel as 'Adele Dazeem' as he was calling her up to the stage at the Oscars. "You know what it seemed like the whole time?" Noah continued. "It seemed like someone hit him with a blow dart just before he went out to make the speech."

"You know what, okay, maybe we're being mean, maybe it wasn't as bad as it seemed. Let's watch it again," Noah said, before re-showing the 'United Shtaytsh' moment. "It was worse! It was so much worse!" he declares, triumphantly.

Noah then presented his overarching theory to explain this. "We all know what was going on here. President Trump is wearing dentures, people. Yeah. This is what's going on," Noah said. "This used to happen to my grandfather all the time. His dentures would start falling out, and then he wouldn't be able to finish his shentensh." He goes on to emphasize that there's no shame in wearing dentures — but for a man with the supposed vanity of Donald Trump, actually, there's a lot of shame. So, what if #DentureDonald started trending on Twitter, Noah suggests. "Don't do it, don't do it — I'm just saying can you imagine how people would feel?" Noah said. And, of course, a hashtag was launched.

Trump is extremely prone to insulting people with regularity, very often for their looks or for any perceived flaw. For Noah and all of the people currently tweeting about #DentureDonald, the irony is just too great to bear.

"Fake teeth, fake hair, fake tan," Noah said, "there's no part of his body that's real." Of course, no one knows for sure whether or not Trump was actually wearing dentures. The point is, Trump probably wouldn't care at all if Noah had just gone after his policy. After all, the president and his team must have crafted the speech and made the decision about Jerusalem knowing that they would be heavily criticized for it. But in harping on this one tiny point, Noah might've hit Trump where it really hurts: right in the vanity.