Some Users Said They Saw An “Edit” Button On Twitter Today — Here’s What It Means

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For every tweet where someone types "teh" instead of "the", there's a tweet where someone asks if, for the love of god, Twitter can just add an edit button. Well, on Friday, rumors started circulating that made it seem like a Twitter edit button was finally happening. But, sorry, it wasn't.

As Mashable reports, a reporter named Logan Jaffe tweeted a screenshot of what looked like an edit option on Twitter along with a message to @twitter asking, "what have we done to please you?" Another Twitter user, Christina Manduley, also posted a similar tweet. It was clear in the screenshots that they weren't using plain, old Twitter, though, because you can see an option that says "Mute 'TweetDeck'". Jaffe later noted in a follow-up tweet that she was using a Twitter application: "Ok: this is desktop tweetdeck. I edited a comma out of a tweet to test it and it worked. That’s all I know. Bye!"

TweetDeck can be used when logged into Twitter on a computer. It seems that the edit button appeared when using a TweetDeck plug-in called Better TweetDeck, as pointed out by a couple Twitter users. Apparently, the "edit" button doesn't actually edit the tweet, either, but deletes the original tweet and sends out the new one as a one-step process.

In response to Jaffe's original tweet, Twitter's Communications account tweeted out a gif of Jim from The Office shaking his head "no". Bustle reached out to Twitter for additional comment, but did not receive a response at the time of publication.

While you've probably seen a ton of "give me an edit button tweets", there are also loads of tweets and articles about why there should never be an edit button. And if you think outside of the fact that you really wanted to edit that Bachelorette tweet to say "fantasy suite" instead of "fantasy suits", you might not want an edit button either.

When you have to delete a tweet and start over in order to correct an edit, you lose any likes or retweets you may have gotten. If the type of edit button that many people have requested — one that would allow the same tweet to still exist — was made available, someone could edit the content of a tweet while having any likes and retweets stay intact, along with the timestamp of when the tweet was posted. That would mean things like this could happen:

In response to that tweet, other users have been sharing ideas of workarounds, including having the edit function only work for a couple of minutes or having the tweet not actually be published for 60 seconds, during which time edits could be made.

Given that, at best, an edit button would let someone fix a typo that bothers them and, at worst, could lead to various types of internet trolls and awful humans editing tweets to say things completely different than what they originally said, it seems like, workarounds or not, it might be best to just not have an edit button. Reading over your tweets more slowly or just accepting the inevitability of typos seems like a fair sacrifice in this case.