Domino's Just Launched 2 Hot Dog Pizza Hybrids — Here Are The Photos

by Isami McCowan
Domino's France

If you're a longtime fan of pizza, you probably know your way around the block when it comes to different flavors. Although most of us have a steadfast favorite flavor that we'd be happy to passionately defend in any argument, there's no harm in trying something new if you go to a specialty pizzeria or even if you're ordering from your go-to spot. It seems like Domino's wants to make sure that customers never have a shortage of options when it comes to all-new menu offerings, because Domino's France released Hot Dog Pizza and Hot Dog Calzones.

Per Brand Eating, the chain's latest creations will only be available to customers in France for a limited time, and specifically feature a calzone stuffed with hot dogs and a pizza topped with one. Hey, if you love Meat Lovers pizza, there's no harm in giving these a try — you might just end up loving them. If you decide to order Domino's France's Cal'z Hot Dog, you'll enjoy a filling featuring mozzarella, sliced hot dogs, and yellow mustard wrapped in dough, according to Brand Eating. It might be out of the box, but this seems like one of those things you have to try once (even if it's just to talk about it on social media afterwards).

Domino's France's Hot Dog Pizza comes complete with mozzarella, sausages, pickles, crispy onions, and a drizzle of barbecue sauce on top. That's not all — the dish will have yellow mustard sauce as an alternative to tomato sauce. If your heart so desires, you can also order this dish with hot dog-stuffed crust.

Domino's France

Say goodbye to the days that the only options on popular pizza chain menus were pepperoni and cheese — it looks like brands are seriously expanding their inventories.

Although pizza is universal, Domino's wants to embrace their characteristic American theme — even all the way in France. It's doing this with another off the wall pizza flavor that'll go global: Burger Pizza. This one will feature tomato sauce, mozzarella, seasoned beef meatballs, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and a burger sauce drizzle to top it off. (An important FYI: you can also request hot dog-stuffed crust for this pizza, as well as any other on the Domino's France menu).

It's so interesting to see how global chains like Domino's differ at locations around the world, whether that be with regional menu offerings or unique ingredients. Domino's France features a ton of cool options that you might not see in other countries, including a Vegan Peppina Pizza (which includes tomato sauce, grated vegan, mushrooms, onions, mixed peppers, black olives, fresh tomatoes and oregano), a signature Salmon Pizza that offers customers a taste of mozzarella, smoked salmon with beech wood, fried potatoes and onions, and cream sauce with shallot and dill, and even a Fig and Goat Cheese Pizza that combines the two ingredients in a delicious looking way.

If you're more curious than ever before about the world of interesting specialty pizzas, make sure to step into a Domino's if you ever find yourself on a trip to France.