Domino's Has A Cheeseburger Pizza That Comes Topped With PICKLES

Domino's UK/Instagram

Pepporoni pizza is cool, but have you ever had ~cheeseburger pizza~? Everyone's favorite pizza chain — even David Chang has revealed his admiration in Netflix's Ugly Delicious — is making dreams come true. Domino's now has Cheeseburger Pizza, but if you're stateside you might have to hop the pond for a taste. This food chain delicacy is only available in UK stores.

Domino's has brought pizza enthusiasts many iterations of the classic dish. Crusts can be "hand tossed", "handmade pan", "crunchy thin" or "Brooklyn style". There are plenty of toppings to complete this doughy round wonder. And its pizza's versatility that has always been inclusive. No matter your taste, you can probably put it on top of a pizza and enjoy it.

And now cheeseburgers and pizza have united atop a throne of golden crust to make many people very happy. At least in the UK. If you're not located in the UK, there are a lot of reasons to visit. There's Scotland's jaw dropping scenery, all London has to offer, and now, ~cheeseburger pizza~. If you're stateside, it might not be a terrible idea to immediately begin a search for airfare deals. I would consider the cheeseburger pizza a worthy tourist attraction. reports that the spokesperson for this particular pizza, Ian Straughan, explained the Cheeseburger Pizza's conception: "Pizza is the most popular food in the world, and the cheeseburger isn't far behind, so this is clearly a match made in heaven." Could this pairing rival the storybook union between peanut butter and jelly? Domino's Cheeseburger Pizza already has a congregation of devoted fans.

The people have taken to Twitter to sing their praises to the pizza. Twitter user @hayley_fox264 says, "Ok I had a @Dominos_UK cheeseburger pizza. I couldn’t resist. Holy crap it’s unreal." And she concludes the review with the heart eye emoji. Other people boast, "it's my new favourite thing" and "my life is now complete". That sounds like a pretty exceptional pizza.

A social media ad for the pizza describes the pizza as looking like pizza but tasting like a cheeseburger. It's, essentially, a cheeseburger with crust in place of a fluffy bun. The cheeseburger ingredients rest upon a classic pizza featuring tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. According to INSIDER the pizza also includes, "a double portion of ground beef, freshly sliced tomatoes, gherkins, a handful of chopped onions, a drizzling of Domino's secret burger sauce." For me, it's the secret burger sauce that brings this pizza to cheeseburger status. Most burgers worth their cheese are tied together with an unforgettable sauce that'll have you pondering its contents. But never successfully recreate at home. It's what keeps you coming back!

If you're a UK resident or happen to be traveling through or you're hopping on a plane in a few hours for the sake of pizza, a medium pie will cost £16.99. When you share a medium pie with your best mates you're basically sharing the love.

And speaking of love, the marriage between a cheeseburger and pizza seems to be one pizza fans all over the UK stan. Unfortunately for the US, there's no word of bringing this cheesy, saucy creation to our side of the pond.