Donald Trump Chugged Water On Screen & Marco Rubio Was All Over It

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump delivered his first remarks since returning from his trip to Asia, and in the midst of it he clearly got a little parched. A certain Republican senator from Florida knows exactly how he felt — Marco Rubio trolled Trump's water moment with a timely tweet, taking aim at the commander-in-chief's moment of thirst.

During Trump's speech, the president halted things to grab a bottle of water, (fairly slowly) unscrew the cap, and take a quick gulp before returning to his prepared remarks. Social media definitely noticed the moment, as did Rubio, Trump's former presidential primary rival. Throughout the 2016 presidential primaries, Trump launched some extremely bitter, mean-spirited attacks on Rubio, dubbing him "little Marco," and among other things, mocking his habit of drinking water during speeches or debates.

Rubio is clearly willing to have a good sense of humor about the whole thing, however. After Trump concluded his remarks, the Florida senator sent a tweet razzing him for lack of proper form. Rubio's joke clearly recalls his own own high-profile gulp during his State of the Union response in 2013, when he paused mid-speech to take an excruciatingly awkward swig from a Poland Spring water bottle.

Rubio's own affinity for keeping a glass or bottle of water close at hand is no secret on Capitol Hill. A Politico article from Dec. 2015, titled "Marco Rubio's 'water thing'," detailed his water-drinking habits, although at the time it drew a not-terribly-impressed response from the Rubio campaign: "Politico has lost its mind."

It's hard to overstate how ripe for mockery Trump's water-grab moment really is, given the way he mocked Rubio for it throughout the presidential primaries.

Obviously, it's not really a huge deal to pause to take a sip of water, but Trump made it clear that he did think it was a big deal, or at least big enough to crudely imitate Rubio bizarrely fawning over a bottle of water. It's a lot easier to laugh at someone else for having a case of dry mouth until the dry mouth comes for you, it seems.

It's not surprising that the "water moment" is a lot of people's big takeaway from Trump's speech upon returning from Asia. As was demonstrated pretty clearly after Rubio's infamous 2013 address, after all, people apparently love poking fun at awkwardly timed water breaks.

After Rubio's memorable moment, in fact, Trump himself weighed in on Twitter, suggesting that the impact wouldn't have been as bad if he'd been using a glass instead of a bottle.

Alas, Trump didn't take his own advice ― according to ABC News, he was drinking from a bottle of Fiji water, after seeming briefly surprised that there wasn't already some placed behind his podium. Maybe, knowing all too well the advice he gave Rubio all those years ago, he was hoping for a glass?

In any case, outside of recapping his trip to Asia, Trump didn't exactly make much news in his speech. In fact, perhaps the biggest news was what he didn't talk about ― he conspicuously declined to offer any comment on Republican Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, who has been accused of molestation and sexual assault by two women who were teenagers at the time of the alleged offenses. Moore has aggressively denied the allegations, portraying them as false and politically motivated.

Trump has yet to speak out on the story, even as Republicans as prominent as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have called for Moore to drop out of the race. When he concluded his speech about his Asia trip, the assembled press began shouting questions at him regarding Moore, but he did not answer.