Donald Trump Is Renaming Black History Month

by Ann-Derrick Gaillot
Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Update: TMZ has removed its story alleging that Trump was renaming Black History Month, and ABC 7 has changed its live article to clarify that Trump proclaimed February African American History Month on Thursday. In addition, archived White House documents suggest that the same proclamation was made by Obama and that the story that Trump had renamed it is false.

Earlier: Donald Trump is continuing to make sweeping changes. According to ABC 7, Fox 5, and TMZ, he's now come for Black History Month, which TMZ reports he's renamed African American History Month. Along with the story, the celebrity gossip news site uploaded a press release Feb. 2 which announces the month's name change and this year's theme of "the crucial role of education in the history of African Americans."

Update: It should be noted that the presidential proclamation of February as National African American History month does not mean that Trump is necessarily renaming the month. A 2013 White House document from Barack Obama reflects the same proclamation that President Trump made today.

The official press release is now online. According to TMZ's source in the now-removed article, an anonymous "senior administration official," Trump determined that "Black History Month" was outdated "after meeting with African American leaders." Trump, who frequently equated "inner cities" with "the African Americans" in speeches during his campaign, is not known for being in touch with the nation's black communities.

The press release, however, does not say that Trump has changed the name of the month from its official designation as "Black History Month" in previous years.

Barack Obama has also proclaimed February "National African American History Month" in previous years. And "Black History Month" still appears to be appropriate to use coming from the White House.

Trump referred to the month as Black History Month ahead of his listening session on Feb. 1, but the White House website transcript of it is called "Remarks by President Trump in African American History Month Listening Session." Spicer spoke about "Black History Month" in briefings on Feb. 1 and a statement on Jan. 31.