Dorinda Medley Surprising Sarah Paulson Is The Best Moment In 'Watch What Happens Live' History — VIDEOS

Charles Sykes/Bravo

"It's Dorinda!" That's exactly what Sarah Paulson exclaimed after meeting Dorinda Medley on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Thursday evening. To say the American Horror Story actor is a fan of the Real Housewives of New York City star is an understatement. She made her extreme love of the Housewife clear when Medley surprised Paulson in the Bravo clubhouse.

After listing off everything she loves in 20 seconds about the Bravolebrity (like her nose, how "she's no bullsh*t except for when she is," and, of course, the way she walks), the clubhouse's doorbell rang, which freaked out Paulson. She said to Cohen, "Don't mess with me!" Of course, at the door was none other than Medley, who strutted into the room (in her Season 9 reunion dress, no less) and stunned the Emmy-winning actor in the process.

At first, 42-year-old Paulson had no words, but could only express herself with a gasping open mouth. Cohen, Medley, and Elisabeth Moss (who was also a guest that night and gushed to Medley, "I love you!" and "We're really big fans!") were just as excited, but the way Paulson reacted was everything and so much more, especially since she is such a Dorinda superfan.

After she got over the initial shock of it all, she hugged Medley and raved about her dress. It says a lot that Paulson even admitted that she wore a sparkly top in honor of Medley's reunion look, because why wouldn't she want to show off the "Dorinda sparkle"?

Here is how it all went down in gif-form:

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen/YouTube

The surprises didn't stop coming, because Medley announced that her boyfriend, John Mahdessian, was also there (and "with his stain kit"). Yes, the American Crime Story star then became overwhelmed again upon hearing this and declared, "He's here?!"

At this point of the night, Paulson was over Cohen and ready to move onto bigger and better things. She joked with the WWHL host, "It was nice to talk to you Andy, we're going with [her], right?" Sadly for her, the interview had to continue with Cohen, but the queen of one-liners did stay for the remainder of the episode — and to see Paulson and Moss recreate her fight with Bethenny Frankel in Mexico for "Clubhouse Playhouse".

No lie, this is one the best episodes in WWHL history. Think about it: In front of her own eyes, Medley watched Paulson impersonate her. Admittedly, Paulson was a bit nervous, as she said earlier that night, "I didn't have any rehearsal, though, so I can't make any promises."

She didn't need any rehearsing, because her impression was spot-on. Have you seen her do impressions? The way she recreated Medley's drunkeness is the most spectacular performance she's ever given. Let's just give her another Golden Globe and Emmy for it. It was so good in fact that Mahdessian filmed the entire skit on his phone, while sitting in the audience.

Seriously, just look at this masterpiece of Paulson channeling drunk Dorinda:

Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen/YouTube

To experience all of this perfection for yourself, here is Medley surprising Paulson:

And here is her entire Clubhouse Playhouse performance:

None of this is shocking at all, because Paulson is known for her love of the Real Housewives. In November 2012, she revealed her "guiltiest pleasure" to The Huffington Post and admitted, "The Real Housewives of New York City and New Jersey and Beverly Hills — you get the picture."

As you can probably imagine, Paulson and Medley meeting is hitting home for RHONY fans. One Twitter user posted, "This moment between @DorindaMeldey and @MsSarahPaulson should be get a Peabody." Someone else tweeted, "The most important screengrab you'll see in 2017: Sarah Paulson and Elisabeth Moss meeting Dorinda Medley on WWHL." It's something many can relate to, as another person shared, "I've never identified with anyone more than @MsSarahPaulson freaking out over meeting @DorindaMedley."

Even Medley isn't over the excitement. Next to a bunch of photos she shared on Instagram Friday, the Housewife wrote, "Seriously, this was the best night. My favorite #WWHL moment yet, and there have been some GOOD ones!!" Same, Dorinda, same.

And with that, here is one final quote from Paulson about her favorite Housewife: "I really love that walk, it's like, 'Were you a dancer? I'm not sure.'"