Dove Just Released A White Chocolate Carrot Cake Flavor For Easter

by Isami McCowan

Easter is coming up, and you all know what that means: seeing rabbit and egg-themed products everywhere, the beginning of spring, and pastel-colored everything. The sunny holiday also comes with a lot of specialty candies, most of which feature white chocolate and bunny shaped treats. Dove Chocolate is hopping right on the train (no pun intended): they've just released brand new White Chocolate Carrot Cake Dove Promises, and you're going to want to stock up on a lot of them.

The product was spotted by food blog Candy Hunting, who took to Instagram to let follows know that they had seen the exclusive product on shelves at Target. According to the packaging, the treat features white chocolate carrot cake flavoring combined with graham cracker flavored crisps. I don't think I've seen anything more appropriate for Easter (although I'm sure a lot of us would be down to enjoy these decadent candies year round).

You won't have to hunt around for these — they're already up for grabs on Target's website, where an eight ounce pack retails for $3.99. Each of the individual chocolates features adorable, festive spring-themed foil, making them a perfect party favor for any events you might host during the upcoming season.

Target also has a feature on the product page that allows you to enter a zip code and check out which store locations near you have the item in stock, in case you'd rather pick them up in person than buy them online (and get a bunch of them while you're at it).

If you're still on the hunt for Easter themed candy, Target has a bunch of different options in stock that you can pick from. Cadbury has released limited edition Mini White Easter Eggs, which come in nine ounce packs and sell for $3.59 — another great choice if you're helping out with an egg hunt and are trying to decide on candy fillers, or if you need a party favor for a springtime soiree. They feature rich milk chocolate covered in a white, sugary shell.

Ghirardelli has also taken it upon themselves to get into the holiday spirit, with the debut of seasonal Easter Milk Chocolate Solid Egg candies. With festive, blue Easter-themed packaging, these chocolates come in four ounce bags that you can pick up at Target for a price of $3.99. What better way to celebrate the day than with a classic chocolate egg? Reese's also has an egg-themed product on shelves for Easter: Peanut Butter Golden Eggs. Need I say more?

Even Swedish Fish are putting a spin on their classic fish-shaped gummy treats to give fans access to a seasonal pick. You can find their Easter Egg Treat Bags at Target, where they sell for $2.69 a pack. There you have it: all the Easter-themed candy you could possibly dream of. Dove's White Chocolate Carrot Cake treats probably won't be available year-round, so celebrate spring while you can and get your hands on bag or two of them while they're still in stores.