Drag Queens Tested Urban Decay's New Makeup Removers

Oh, this is utterly brilliant! Want to know how effective Urban Decay's Rehab Prep and Meltdown Makeup Remover collections are? Well, the brand put the Rehab Prep and Meltdown Makeup Remover products to the test in the ultimate way — by having drag queens prepare for and remove performance makeup with 'em!

Drag queens do not skimp on product and are proud of the "more is more" makeup philosophy, with fabulous lashes for days, intense liner, loads of shadow, bright, bold lipstick, layers of foundation, and more!

UrbanDecay certainly proved how well its new prep products and removers work in an adorable, super fun, and seven-minute video.

First, the performers play with the Rehab Prep range to prime and hydrate skin before layering their faces with piles of dramatic, intentionally impractical, and insanely glam makeup, which is part of the persona. They have so much fun trying out the pampering and preparatory UD treats.

We also learn about the drag queens and their backgrounds while they apply their makeup. They're supreme divas and rad humans; I want to hang out with all of them.

Next, the drag queens reluctantly remove all of their painstakingly but perfectly applied product! I get it. Their makeup is so gorgeous, glam, and flawless; they want to keep it in tact as long as possible. But alas, it must come off and UD's Meltdown range does the trick.

Here's the teaser and sneak peek of the full video.


You have to put in the effort and do the necessary prep work to keep skin healthy and ready for an unapologetic amount of makeup.


This slaytastic green and black eye look is about to go bye bye.


It comes right off.


Seriously, you can see how well this stuff works.


Check the rhinestones — those are an amazing, blingy touch.


The Cleansing Oil Stick does its thing.


This high drama eye look is no match for UD's Meltdown products.


There's the UD product in action.


Fresh faced and makeup-free!

Enjoy the video, from the fab performances to the putting on and taking off of theatrical makeup.

Skincare is not a chore. You have to keep it in tip top shape.

The Meltown Makeup Removers are gentle yet mad powerful. Long-wearing lipstick and mascara, be ware!