Drew Barrymore Just Dropped A Dreamy Homeware Line At Walmart & You'll Want It All

Courtesy of Walmart

If you're someone that does spring cleaning, that means out with the old and in with the new. It's always fun to get a few colorful pieces to celebrate the warmer months and sunshine, but it can be hard to know where to start when so many brands seem to be offering up new products everyday. There's one pretty cool one that is definitely standing out among the crowd right now, though: Drew Barrymore just teamed up with Walmart to launch her very own (and very cute) home and decor line.

"Drew Barrymore Flower Home" is inspired by a free-spirited nature and the actor's own personal travel experiences and favorite spaces. The pieces are super vibrant, colorful, and full of life — it won't be hard to find something that you can't wait to get in your cart. Whether you're searching for something new for the bedroom, kitchen, or a communal living area, the range will likely have something that fits the bill: it includes furniture, curtains, textiles, wall art, ceramics, cute pet beds, and more. No two pieces look exactly the same, so getting your hands on something unique is pretty much a guarantee: eclectic is the name of the game.

This is Barrymore's first-ever home decor line, and per a press release from Walmart, she worked in super close collaboration with the Walmart design team to develop her vision for the range of products. If you check out the line, you'll see an emphasis on bold prints, deep colors, playful patterns, and functional silhouettes.


“I have always had a love for creating joyful spaces — places where unexpected prints and patterns, shapes and styles, and colors and textures come together in the most delightful way,” explained Barrymore in a press release. “My new collection of furniture and home décor is inspired by this passion and I hope it inspires everyone to make themselves at home."

The entire Drew Barrymore Flower Home line features over 200 expertly designed pieces, which were created with a goal of affordability to allow customers to add beautiful pieces to their homes without completely breaking the bank for a few new products. According to the press release, some of Barrymore's absolute favorite items from the collection include the floral wall art (many of these inspired by her own personal pieces), bedding and decorative accents with exclusive prints that can easily mix and match, the larger statement furniture pieces, functional and cute storage options, and the ceramic dinnerware.

Walmart has definitely been aware of the diversifying wants and needs of their customers when it comes to homeware and decor items, and it's been taking note for a while now in order to bring new ranges to life.

“Our vision and purpose are for Walmart to be the most inspiring and accessible place online to design and decorate your living space while saving you time, effort and money,” Anthony Soohoo, SVP and group general Manager for home at Walmart U.S. eCommerce, said in a press release. “Drew Barrymore Flower Home is the latest addition to our high-quality, on-trend home assortment and another example of how we’re making a beautiful home possible for our customers," he continued.

Check out Drew Barrymore Flower Home to bring some adorable pieces in your life.