Dua Lipa Is Launching Her First Fashion Line With A Seriously Cool Collaborator

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Get your online shopping fingers and credit cards at the ready. The fashion partnership of the year has just been announced, as there's a /Nyden and Dua Lipa collaboration coming, with four capsule collections slated to drop. Although both parties are keeping tight-lipped over exact designs for the meantime, they have revealed via their official announcement that the offerings will be season-less and unisex, with the campaign promising "a wide range of models."

Explaining why she is branching out from music, Dua Lipa said that fashion plays an important role in her life and career because she believes it is "vital for self-expression". With that in mind, the singer said that her new line has been designed to suit her as well as her fans both on and off stage. Hinting at the kind of style she has in mind for the collections, the singer teased: "I look for clothes that reflect strength and fearlessness, but also match up to today's fast pace." Sounds like this should be interesting.

Dua Lipa is the latest in a line of super cool co-creators to collaborate with /Nyden. Previously, as per reports by The Independent, the brand has also worked with celebrity tattoo artist Dr Woo (who the Daily Mail reports is the guy behind Drake's and Miley Cyrus' tattoos) and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace, who starred in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It's also expected to unveil more co-creators later this year.

In case you're unfamiliar with the brand, /Nyden is a unique, millennial line, which was launched by the team behind H&M. The company states that it is all about relevant co-creation, working with individuals that it feels share its values and goals, and putting these people at the core of its creations to act as "tribe leaders". Integrity is a priority at this organisation and its co-creators are not there in name only. Dua Lipa, for example, will actually play a key role in the design process of her collection, ensuring that she is able to showcase her personality in the creations.

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Opening up about the collaboration, Dua Lipa told British Vogue that /Nyden allowed her total creative control. She added: "What I really liked about working together and collaborating with /Nyden is the fact that they allowed me total creative lee-way to create things that I wanted; to make something that I would want to wear, things that I think my fans would really like." While the star is beyond excited about the project, the feeling is mutual. In the official /Nyden press release, the brand's creative director Stina Force said:

"Dua is one of the most renowned pop artists in the world today. Her strong and fierce attitude, not to mention distinctive style, make her a perfect fit for the /Nyden tribe and philosophy. Dua's inspiring outlook and style is why we have chosen to work with her and co-create multiple collections."
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Through her work, Dua Lipa has become something of a feminist icon, using her platform to speak out on behalf of women in the industry. Earlier this year, she was praised for her comments on sexism after telling British GQ in an interview: "For a female artist, it takes a lot more to be taken seriously if you’re not sat down at a piano or with a guitar, you know? For a male artist, people instantly assume they write their own music, but for women, they assume it’s all manufactured." In another feminist victory, NME reported that she's performing at the Champions League final in Kiev later this month too.

With such an awesome approach and attitude, I can't wait to see her concoctions, especially as she always looks so fierce on stage. Dua Lipa revealed on Twitter in conversations with fans that the range will only go up to a size 16, so fingers crossed any future collections can be more inclusive. /Nyden revealed it's going to drop later this year, so watch this space.