Dunelm Is Selling An Entire Homeware Range Dedicated To Sausage Dogs

by Lollie King

Whenever I ask people whether they're a dog or cat person, I feel slightly shocked if they say cat. It's a potential deal breaker. I mean, how could you not be a dog person? One look at those puppy dog eyes and I'm sold. Up there with some of the best dogs breeds are definitely sausage dogs. And who could deny it? With their short little legs and the way they waddle. They are adorable. And now there's a treat in store for Dachshund lovers, as Dunelm's new sausage dog range is so cute and will take your interior decor to the next level.

Dog lovers unite, because Dunelm has come to answer all our prayers. The retailer has brought out an entire sausage dog collection. Yep, you heard that right — not just one product but a whole collection, including kitchenware, bathroom bits, home ware, and much more. You can finally transform your house into a sausage dog shrine. This is the stuff of dreams.

Often, the things we love can come at a price, and that's especially the case when it comes to furniture. But don't worry at all, because this Dunelm range isn't too pricey, so you won't break the bank for the love of sausage dogs.

Let's have a look at some of the best pieces on offer.

With these additions, your home will be a doggy haven, and if you can't get a real dog, this looks like the next best thing. I mean, come on, it's about time we paid homage to the sausage dogs in our lives.