Dunelm Just Released A New Homeware Line That's Entirely Inspired By Sloths

by Aoife Hanna
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Getting both bits and bobs for your home is one of the joys of adulting. Yes, it's your way or the highway when it comes to the interiors of your inner sanctum so why not go pedal to the metal and plaster your taste all over it? For some people, the thought of anything that isn't minimalist and simple makes them feel anxious. But boo hiss to those people because anyone who's anyone knows a few tchotchkes here and there is what makes a home. And guys, Dunelm's new sloth range is every bit as cute and wonderfully kitsch as you would imagine. I mean, you need to add these pieces to your home like right now. And here's why.

Dunelm has long been as a must visit retailer for those who are interested in interiors. Their ranges are not only gorgeous but totally affordable compared to other, more high-end stores. And guys their stuff looks like it cost a wedge, even if it didn't.

So their sloth range has all sorts of fab bits and bobs for your inner sloth or even for your main sloth pal/family member/bae. But let's be real here, the only sloth that really matters is you. And thankfully Dunelm is ready and waiting to fulfil all of your sloth dreams.


Sloth Slogan Mug

Hey, heaven called, it asked for its mug back. This cute AF kitchen cupboard filler is ideal for drinking way too much coffee.


Sloth Blackout Eyelet Curtains

Right, get your measuring tape out right this minute. Not only are these curtains super cute but they are also that perfect balance of themed yet neutral.


Sloth 3D Cushion

This is ideal for people who may feel slight shame in having a teddy as an adult. This little thing is an ideal decorative and cuddle-ative addition to any home. Haters be damned.


Sloth Soft Fleece Throw

This soft fleece blanket is so cute that everyone will be trying to get a piece. Perfect for human or animal use.


Paoletti Funky Sloth Embroidered Cushion

Look, anything with the word "funky" in the name would usually send me running for the hills but this little slice of joy is undeniably funky. And I'm 100% OK with that.


Sloth Fitted Sheet

This is an excellent way of sneaking a little sloth into your life. Hidden beneath the sheets, but always there for when you want to pull back the covers and do a big reveal.


Applique Grey Sloth Cushion

OK I know there are a lot of cushions on this list but there's just too darn many to choose from. And, besides, is there really such a thing as too many pillows? I thought not.


Sloth Oxford Pillowcase

Not only stylish but very subtle. A nod towards your sloth obsession, but nothing too OTT. (Not that there's anything wrong with OTT, IMO).


Rapport Home Sloths Purple Duvet Cover and Pillowcase Set

An ideal addition to your bedroom. Not only is it a pop of colour, floral, and sloths but it also has a "live laugh love"-vibe slogan across the pillowcases. Because why not?


With all these wonderful options available right now, best not be as slow as a sloth and get to purchasing them ASAP before they sell out.

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