Dunkin' Munchkin Lip Balms Exist & It Even Comes In A Tiny Munchkin Box


If you're a sucker for donuts, you're going to flip over this new beauty drop. Dunkin' made lip balms, and the chapsticks smell just like Dunkin's famed Munchkin donuts. When it comes to Dunkin', it's almost impossible to walk past its storefront without popping in for a small treat. The Munchkins are especially commuter friendly, where you can pop bite after bite into your mouth while taking the train or driving to work. From powdered sugar to cinnamon, each Munchkin flavor is addictive. Now you can bring that exact same guilty-pleasure experience to your makeup bag.

The Dunkin' lip balms come in a duo set, giving you two flavors to play with. The balms are housed in small orbs not unlike the EOS balms, but also mimic the Munchkins' shape. According to Delish, the orange option has a marshmallow-inspired scent, and the white balm smells slightly sweeter. The set costs $5.99, making it an affordable impulse buy at the cash register.

The cutest detail, though, is probably the box that the balm set comes in. You can pick up your Munchkin-inspired makeup in an actual mini Munchkin carryout box. Just imagine how cute it would be to buy a coffee and walk out with a tiny Munchkin donut box in the other hand.


The lip balms are available nationwide in Dunkin' stores while supplies last, so make sure to look for a box of makeup the next time you pop into Dunkin' for a cup of coffee. While adorable, this isn't the first time that Dunkin' ventured out into the beauty industry.

Right now, the brand is also selling tiny coffee cup chap sticks online. The lip balms come in a set of two and clock in at $4.99. They are in the shape of small white to-go cups, and come in Cinnamon Bun Swirl and Pumpkin flavors. When you don't have a tasty cup of coffee handy, these balms can help quench your cravings.

Last year, Dunkin' also teamed up with Dove on National Coffee Day, which landed on Sept. 29. At first the partnership might seem like an unusually pairing, but the collab was made for "ladies who are running on coffee and dry shampoo," according to the press release. Dunkin' saw that coffee and dry shampoo were essential to help women get through hectic mornings and busy days, so it was an ideal partnership.

The collab created a pop-up styling café in New York City, where guests could enjoy free coffee and a mini-styling appointment that freshened up locks with dry shampoo. Guests and social media users could also sign up to win a year's supply of Dunkin' coffee and Dove Dry Shampoo. All they had to do was post a photo of their busy morning and caption why their Dunkin' coffee and dry shampoo is an everyday life savor.

Dunkin' not only makes great on-the-go coffee and tempting donuts, but it also has a lot of great ideas when it comes to beauty. America runs on Dunkin' — and that extends to the makeup drawer now.