Dwayne Johnson & Tom Hanks Want To Be President On 'SNL'

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live for the fifth time on May 20 and the Moana star celebrated his entrance into the show's "Five Timers Club" by jokingly declaring his intentions to run for president during his opening monologue. He even picked a Vice President: Fellow "Five Timers Club" inductee Tom Hanks. And even though Johnson/Hanks 2020 was declared in jest, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks in 2020 became Twitter's dream presidential pair. "We need more poise and less noise," Johnson said in his monologue, seeming to refer to the current president. "Americans deserve strong capable leaders, who care about this country and its people."

"The truth is, America needs us," Hanks said during the bit. "No one seems to be able to agree about anything, but two things: Pizza and us." Guest star Alec Baldwin, fresh from playing President Donald Trump in the cold open sketch, presented The Rock with the "Five Timers Club" jacket, and declared he wanted to be selected for a cabinet position in this White House dream. Johnson and Hanks vacillated between sounding totally serious about this declaration and joking around. The duo even anticipated what their voter turnout could be.

Hanks: I would get the senior vote, because I fought in World War II...in 10 different movies.
Johnson: And I would get the minority vote, because people assume I am...whatever they are.

And Twitter loved every second of it. Some folks wanted to submit their resume to the campaign, pronto.

Another Twitter user has the pair filed in their "Hopes & Dreams" folder.

This Twitter user has already pledged their vote to the pair.

And this person tweeted the Pope in hoping that Johnson/Hanks 2020 is real.

One Twitter user is all about having a special election right now.

Throughout the past week, Johnson has addressed running for president in an interview with GQ and during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, according to the New York Times, because a recent poll said Johnson could beat Trump if the election were held now. "I’m very flattered by it," Johnson told Fallon in the Tonight Show interview. Three and a half years is a long ways away. So we’ll see."

But on SNL, Johnson seemed to embrace the possibility with Hanks, even going as far as dropping an actual Johnson/Hanks 2020 banner on stage. So it seems like they'll totally be prepared if they do run — and it sounds like Twitter will definitely be behind them.