Here's A Cute & Easy Way To Dress Up As Your Astrological Sign For Halloween This Year

by Brittany Bennett

If you've ever attributed a characteristic of yourself to your astrological sign, you've probably read your horoscope once or twice. Now that it's Halloween, you can literally wear your pride for where you fall on the zodiac. How? Fortunately, there are easy astrology Halloween costume ideas based on your sign that you can rock this year. These costume ideas take little effort to put together, but your sun sign — and personality as defined by the stars, of course — will be clear as day.

Every sign has their own symbol that represents their unique personality traits as well as a ruling planet. With these in mind, you have a few avenues to put your astrological sign on display this Halloween. While Geminis are double the trouble as well as being notoriously hot and cold, they're also ruled by the planet Mercury. You know everyone's favorite excuse — that Mercury is in retrograde? Mercury is the planet of communication, and retrograde knocks all kinds of things like technology and transportation out of whack. To dress up as this planet, Geminis could pull a notepad and pen from their desk, along with the shattered phone they dropped last time Mercury went retrograde.

Every sign has their own planet, so you have options when it comes to dressing up. And who doesn't love to have options? These costumes are easy to pull together, you probably already have these items somewhere in your house!


Shearling Biker Jacket, $65, Yoins; Sterling Silver Aries Stud Earrings from Thailand, $18, Novica; Los Angeles Rams NFL Back Bay Cuff Knit Hat, $28, Macy's

The Ram represents Aries. Got any faux shearling laying around? Maybe in your mom's closet? Wrapping yourself in a shearling-lined coat and keeping warm under a Rams NFL beanie will get the point across that were born somewhere between March 21 and April 19. If you have any Aries specific jewelry, like earrings, now is the time to whip them out!


Chicago Bulls NBA Women's Crop Top, $45, Nordstrom; Crystal Heart Stud Earrings, $28, Lord & Taylor; Taurus Necklace, $14, Nordstrom

Maybe you are or maybe you aren't a Chicago Bull's fan, but if you're a Taurus you might want to see if a friend has a Bull's jersey laying around. Why? Taurus's symbol is the Bull! But your planetary ruler is also Venus, the planet of love, so even if the bull on your shirt has a scowl, your heart earrings will definitely warm the outfit up.


Gemini Necklace in Rose Gold, $45, Amorium; Be Legendary Matte Lipstick, $15, GILT; Jungle Red Semi Matte Lipstick, $28, NARS

Gemini, the twin of the zodiac. You never know what side of yourself you'll get to be today if you're born under this sign. And isn't that kind of fun? Mis-match your outfit this Halloween to express all the colorful sides of yourself. When it comes to make-up, choose two shades and apply both. One side of your face can be sweet while the other side represents your more fiery side.


Lobster Mitt, Pinterest/Totsy; J.Crew Horoscope T-Shirt in "Cancer", $28, J.Crew

The Cancer is a sensitive, empathetic sign, so it's represented by the crab, a little sea friend with a tough exterior and soft insides. Find your favorite crab shirt, or maybe a bib from your favorite seafood joint. If you're a Cancer and don't have a pair of lobster-crab claw oven mitts hanging in your kitchen, I highly suggest a purchase to have them in times like these!


Shine Pleated Dress, $10, Hollister; Made of Stars "Leo", $18, Bling Jewelry

Lions are the king of the jungle and Leos are the star of the show. Or so they may seem to think. Glow under the spotlight in a gold dress and wear your constellation with pride around your neck!


Angel's Wings Cami Dress in White, $50, Chic Wish; Sterling Silver Virgo Stud Earrings from Thailand, $18, Novica; Zodiac Faux-Leather Notebook, $16, Macy's

Virgos are hardworking, organized, and helpful. Try wearing some angel wings or a sweet, light dress. And of course, don't forget to leave home without your planner. But you wouldn't — you are a Virgo, after all.


Kylie Strappy Detail Skater Dress, $18, Boohoo; Libra Necklace in Silver, $45, Amorium; Alloy Geometric Hollow Out Stud Earrings, $5, Zaful

Since you're ruled by Venus, the planet of love, try a pink or red dress this Halloween. Because your sign is one that represents balance, try geometric earrings that pull the whole outfit together. Don't forget to put on your favorite astrological piece of jewelry!


Horoscope T-Shirt in "Scorpio", $31, J.Crew; Metallic Floral Face Mask, $7, Charlotte Russe

The mysterious Scorpio is represented by the Scorpion, of course. This Halloween, you can go for an all black get up or you can get down with horoscope t-shirts. The most important element to your Scorpio costume, though, should be a mask to keep that intrigue about you.


Sofia Arrow Stone Arm Cuff, $2.50, Boohoo; Womens Arrow Tee Archery Hand Screen Printed Kelly Green, $21, Etsy

As the Archer, Sagittarius folk are real adventurers. Since you're represented by symbols of archery, if you want to rep your sign, look to the arrows. The arrow bangle wrapped around your forearm will definitely point you in the direction of the biggest candy bowl.


Eyelet Catcher Off Shoulder Dress, $40, Chic Wish; Buckled Faux Leather Ankle Booties, $25, Charlotte Russe; The Goat Dad Hat in the Sky, $23, Karma Loop

If you're a Capricorn, you're symbol is the Goat! Have you ever been around a goat? They're playful, silly, loyal, and strong. Show up as your best goat in a country eyelet dress, brown booties for hooves, and a baseball cap your dad would wear (with a goat on it, of course).


Sweetheart Neck Ombre Mini Dress, $33, Zaful; Aquarius Necklace in Rose Gold, $45, Amorium; Lenox Tuscany Classics Collection Pitcher, $30, Century21

Born under the sign of Aquarius? You a Water Bearer. You favor group activities and community, so a Halloween party is right up your alley. Dress in shades of blue to get across that you're an Air sign that also bears water. Tote your pitcher full of aqua around to fill up people's cups when they're low on a beverage.


Round Neck Long Sleeve Fish Printed Sweater, $33, VictoriasWing; Holographic Mermaid Scale Clutch, $8, Forever 21; Made of Stars Necklace, $18, Bling Jewelry

The Fish! You're ruled by the planet Neptune, the planet of fantasy, so it's no wonder you're one of the most imaginative in the zodiac. Wear your best fish printed shirt but don't leave out a dreamy clutch that looks like it's straight from the sea.

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