Easy 2018 Halloween Costume Ideas For Blondes Because It's Totally Fine To Be Low Maintenance

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Are you struggling with Halloween costume ideas for 2018? Even more specifically — are you a blonde who is having a hard time deciding who or what you want to be this Halloween season? Well, there are plenty of easy Halloween costumes for blondes — especially if you want to incorporate your natural hair hue. If you simply aren't in the mood to deal with the hassle of having to wear a wig or don't wish to put too much effort into disguising your natural shade with a variety of tricks and treats, look no further.

You can be a fellow blonde, like, say Taylor Swift, with relative ease based on the pieces and elements of your costume. Or you can be extremely pop culturally topical and dirty blonde like Lady Gaga's character Ally in A Star in Born. Or you can be totally punk rock by grabbing a can or three of L'Oreal Colorista temporary spray and blast your follicles with temporary, wash out color if you have a hankering to be Harley Quinn (and her multi-colored strands) from Suicide Squad.

You don't need to spend a ton of money this Halloween in order to have a decent and instantly recognizable costume. In fact, you can DIY it inexpensively and with low maintenance components.

Here are 7 easy, breezy Halloween costumes for blondes to rock during the spooky season.

1. Vintage Taylor Swift

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The "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" video represented quite a goofy and memorable look for Swift. It's also supremely easy to copy.

ASOS Tall Banana Leaf Pajamas


Take it back to the 2012 era of T. Swift — she rocked PJs, glasses, and red lips. This comfy and cozy pair from ASOS can be repurposed for actual sleeping after Halloween parties are long done and over with.

Black Square Glasses


Unless you wear thick, nerdy black specs for vision correction IRL, you can grab a cheap pair for your costume under $10. You can donate them when you're done, too.

Ken Paves Clip-In Bangs Hair Extension


Bangs are essential to this look. If you don't have your own, you can fake it 'til you make it with these clip-ins. You can repurpose them when you want to do bangs minus the commitment.

NARS Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lip Pencil


T. Swizzle is reportedly a diehard fan of this particular siren red lippie. It's an essential part of the costume so swipe it on your pucker — and wear it deep into the holiday season. Throw your hair in a pony and dance like no one is watching.

2. Harley Quinn

Courtesy of YouTube

It'll feel so, so good to be a badass when dressing up as this enduring and bat-wielding DC Comics character.

Adult Harley Quinn Kit


Harley Quinn remains a popular DC Comics character and one who is fun to dress up as during Halloween. This costume kit includes her signature satin jacket with an attached shirt that announces your status as "Daddy's Lil' Monster." The leggings and sneakers are not included — but you can just grab pairs you already own to save some cash and to further personalize the look.

L'Oreal Colorista 1-Day Color Spray


You can rock Harley Quinn's multi-hued locks with this temporary color spray that lasts one day.

L'Oreal Colorista 1-Day Color Spray


Don't forget the blue, which you can wash right outta your hair the next day. You can additionally accessorize with pieces from your own closet. Throw on a swipe of red lipstick. Then, grab a bat from your little brother or your local Little League team.

3. Ally From A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born Instagram

The Oscar buzz on Lady Gaga's performance in the film is loud AF. Her understated, throughly anti-Gaga, and dark 'n' dirty blonde style is also easy to replicate for Halloween.

L'Oreal Colorista 1-Day Color Spray


Add some bronzy darkness and a little more "Ally" to your light locks with this wash out spray.

A Star Is Born Ally Nameplate Necklace


Ally's nameplate necklace is definitive. Super inexpensive replicas are all over eBay. Buy one and don't stress if you only wear it with your costume. You can also donate it after the fact. However, if you love the character and all she represents, keep it and wear it as you wish.

Linen Scoop-Neck Top


A simple scoop neck white tee is just what you need to ape Ally's simple but pretty style.

A New Day Women's Faux Leather Band Felt Floppy Hat


Finish with this floppy, '70s inspo black hat that is similar to that in Ally's fashion arsenal. It can also be worn again and again.

4. Marilyn Monroe

Courtesy of YouTube

Marilyn Monroe is a classic. If you're already a blonde, you can curl and tuck your hair to copy her iconic The Seven Year Itch subway dress style. It doesn't matter what shade of blonde you are. The other costume elements announce who you are. They are delish as the breeze.

Marilyn Monroe Costume


The signature, white halter top dress is just $20. You can wear it again and to other occasions. Add heels you already own and the outfit is complete.

Tattoo Liner


Create the classic, Old Hollywood cat-eye flick with Kat Von D's long-lasting liquid liner.

House of Lashes Iconic False Lashes


Add a strip of long, lush, and curled false lashes for additional oomph and drama a la Marilyn Monroe.

Little MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick


A mega matte, blue x red lippie is also vintage Marilyn. Try a tiny version of one of MAC's most popular shades. If you love it, you can reuse it until it's time to buy a full-sized version.

5. Alice In Wonderland

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If you want to do a Disney Princess this Halloween, Alice in Wonderland is a more-than-viable option for blondes. No wigs needed.

Alice in Wonderland Costume


You get the dress, the the apron, and the hair ribbon with this costume, which comes in a variety of plus sizes and prices. You can pick up the black Mary Janes from the same site that sells the costume itself if you don't already own something similar. You also very likely have a tea cup in your kitchen.

Xhilaration White Tights


Finish the Alice look with opaque tights.

6. Daenerys From Game Of Thrones

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Of course Daenerys costumes are a fave for Halloween. If you are already fair-haired, you can style your hair in some braids and with tendrils.

Dragon Queen


This costume comes with the dress, blue cape, and leggings. You can throw on some combat or chunky boots that no doubt exist already in your wardrobe.

Dragon Queen Wig


If you absolutely love the white hot color and built-in braids, you can and should buy the wig. It's just $20. It's also part of the fun of dressing up.

7. Barbie

Barbie has gone through so many iterations and incarnations. She has become more and more inclusive, which is important since so many girls of different backgrounds continue to play with the doll. She can also be an easy Halloween costume for you.

Barbie Graphic Tee


A simple, pink graphic tee announces who and what you are.

Barbie Foil Scoop Tee


So does this black tee with gold foil writing. Both are wearable next spring when you're so done with Halloween. Pair with cropped jeans and a ponytail for the quintessential Barbie look.

Boyfriend Wash Light Jeans


Barbie is certainly a lazy girl's Halloween costume and there's nothing wrong with that. A tee, jeans, and sneaks work fine and they can be repurposed IRL.

Canvas Sneakers


Complete your Barbie costume with these unassuming white sneakers.

These are easy, inexpensive, and recyclable Halloween costume ideas for blondes.