Easy ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ Halloween Costumes That Are ’90s Perfection

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If you're more of an Oz than a Buffy when it comes to dressing up. then you'll definitely appreciate these easy Buffy The Vampire Slayer costumes for Halloween. Whether you don't have the time to attempt anything complex or just can't be bothered wasting more than an hour on an outfit, this list is the perfect collection of easy Buffy costumes. Luckily for us, Buffy The Vampire Slayer was already full of great Halloween visual gags and iconic outfits, giving you a lot of easy to replicate ideas. You just have to know where to look.

To be fair, you'll probably have to hang out with fans of Buffy during Halloween for them to get the majority of these references. But if your friends don't like Buffy enough to catch the vibe that you're serving up to them, then can they even be counted as friends? Probably not.

Regardless, these are simple costumes designed to bring a smile to the faces of your Buffy-nerd friends. You know, those people who will be able to take one look at you and automatically know exactly what you're supposed to be. And, perhaps most importantly, those people who will applaud you for making the biggest statement with the least amount of effort possible. You got this, Scooby Gang, now get out there and slay.

1. Anya's "Scary Costume" From "Fear Itself"

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If, like Anya, bunny rabbits are your biggest fear, then this costume is the scariest thing you could possibly wear on Halloween. Incidentally, it's also one of the easiest and the comfiest, involving a simple one-piece pajama set.

2. New Student Buffy

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The genius of this costume is that it's all about the details. You can pair any casual, low-key outfit that you want with the rest of it, but Mr. Pointy and Buffy's humongous cross necklace are the only essential parts. For extra fun, carry around the Vampyr hardback journal too, and get folks to sign it with vampire slaying tips at whatever party you're attending.

3. Willow And Oz As Joan Of Arc And God

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The ultimate lazy couples costume idea is perfect for you and your honey, or you and your bestie. While you can always add accessories like Willow did (such as some plastic armor), this chainmail hooded top should do the trick — especially over a plain black or white t-shirt. Then all you have to do is write "God," on a name tag, stick it on your date for the night, and boom. You got a costume.

4. Halloween Ghost Willow

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It has the added bonus of being so old school that it can almost be worn ironically, but it's still quintessential Buffy, too. Simply cut some eye and nose holes out of a white sheet and paint "Boo!" on there, and you've got it.

5. Drusilla

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If you're already rocking some acrylic talons right now, then you've got Dru's look halfway done. Just add a red, gothic maxi dress like the one below, accessorize with a macabre choker, and, for added creepiness, carry one of Dru's favorite porcelain baby dolls around with you at all times, too.

6. Doublemeat Palace Buffy

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The most sinister fast food joint to have ever hit Sunnydale also happens to make for a super simple costume idea. Get yourself a red and white striped button down, a red cap, and safety pin (or superglue) a stuffed animal toy head (like the emoji cow one below) onto the front of it. For extra pizzazz, make your own "Buffy Summers" name tag by writing on a small bit of cardboard, taping a safety pin to it, and pinning it to your shirt.

7. Dark Willow

This one works if you happen to be a redhead (like mid-transformation Willow) or a brunette (like full-blown Dark Willow), and the most important part of it is just some black contacts. Pair them with a white t-shirt or a black button down, and, for an extra "I just saw the love of my life get killed and now I'm out for vengeance" vibe, feel free to spray some fake blood across your upper torso. And try not to cry about it (basically impossible.)

8. Graduation Day Buffy

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The pairing of Buffy's red leather trousers and black top in the Season 4 finale episodes "Graduation Day Part 1 and 2" have become iconic. So much so that, if you pair the two together (and hell, maybe treat yourself to that Mr. Pointy stuffed toy from earlier), than people will automatically know who you are.

9. Maggie Walsh

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All you need to be The Initiative's diabolical professor is a lab coat with some low-key casuals worn underneath it. To really add to the look, however, you could always persuade some pals to dress in military clothes and be the Initiative street team.

10. "Beer Bad" Buffy

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If beer also happens to turn you into a Neanderthal, then Buffy's look from "Beer Bad" is the one for you. Simply back comb your hair furiously (and throw on some hair spray to help make it last throughout the night), and accessorize with Buffy's army green vest and a gigantic beer stein to drink from for the entire night.

11. Cheese Man

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If you can empathize with Cheese Man's recurring statement from "Restless" that he is not the cheese, the cheese wears him, then this is for you. Pair a white button down blouse (or an old work shirt that you don't mind destroying) with a black tie, and then fix some cheese slices to it (still in their wrapper) using glue or safety pins. Sure, they might melt, but this isn't exactly the most rational of costume ideas. Plus, you can always snack on them throughout the night, so it's kind of win-win.

Here's hoping you're attending the kind of Halloween party this year that will be full of Buffy fans that will love whatever costume you eventually opt for. If not, then, hey, at least you didn't put too much effort in.

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