Here's How To Dress Exactly Like Donna From 'Mamma Mia 2' This Halloween

So, you want to be Donna from Mamma Mia! for Halloween, but you don't want to go full ABBA. Well, you're in luck, because young Donna in this summer's sequel basically just wore a whole lot of denim in different forms. A Donna from Mamma Mia! costume is easy, if you can get your hands on some denim bell-bottoms or overalls.

Below, you will find three Donna costume ideas: overalls and yellow printed shirt, bell-bottoms and cropped jacket, and jean shorts and bra top. Donna does wear a lot of other outfits in the movie (including a gray T-shirt with an orange maxi skirt, and a flowy cream dress with beige boots), but the outfits listed here are the most recognizably Donna, especially the overalls one.

Some things to keep in mind: The last option with the shorts only really works if you live somewhere that's going to be warm on Halloween or are willing to wear a coat over it to remove when you get to your destination. (There are no wool coats on the island of Kalokairi.) Also, you don't need to buy everything for your costume new. The items below are just suggestions with ideas for how to put the costume together. It's always cheaper to look to your own closet or go to thrift stores.

Option #1 — Overalls & Yellow Blouse

A3 Denim Women's Plus Wide Cuffed Overalls, $26.50, Walmart

Wide-Leg Denim Overalls, $34.90, Forever 21

Young Donna and older Donna have this outfit in common, which makes it a great choice as far as other people knowing who you are. You'll need blue denim overalls (more options here and here), and a yellow floral blouse (also available here and here). Donna wasn't a huge fan of shoes, so you can pair this with whatever your heart desires. Just be sure to roll up the legs of the overalls.

Floral Print Shirt, $17.90, Forever 21

Tie-Neck Plus-Size Bell-Sleeve Blouse, $32, Old Navy

Option #2 — Bell-Bottoms & Cropped Jacket

Plus Size Flare Jeans, $27.90, Forever 21

Wrangler x MC Rainbow Radiance Flared Jeans, $44.99, ModCloth

While performing the titular song, Donna wears some very ruffled bell-bottoms (more options here, here, and very close to the film version here) with a gold top and some sort of dark cropped jacket. For this costume option in particular, you just have to accept that you can only get but so close unless you're on a big budget this year or great at sewing.

As a bonus, if you have two friends who want to be the Dynamos, they can wear the same outfit and just replace the jacket with a denim vest.

STARVNC Women Sleeveless V Neck Sequin Shirt, $15.59, Walmart

Surplice Cropped Cami, $15, Forever 21

Boxy Corduroy Jacket, $19.53, Forever 21

Cropped Trucker Jacket, $20, Charlotte Russe

Option #3 — Jean Shorts & Bra Top

Plus Size Denim Shorts, $17.90, Forever 21

Mom Fit Denim Shorts, $19.99, H&M

For this look, you really only need high-waist jean shorts (more options here and here) and a blue or denim bra top or bikini (also here and here). You could also add a big necklace like Donna's.

Urban Renewal Remade Denim Halter Tank Top, $19.99, Urban Outfitters

Plus Size Cropped Cowl-Neck Cami, $18, Forever 21

To make all of the above costumes look even more like Donna, if you don't already have blonde wavy hair, then get yourself a blonde wavy wig. Also, make sure to gesture wildly like a person who wants to show they're very free-spirited, and you're good to go.