Ed Sheeran Has An Adorable Baby Lookalike & It's Crazy How Identical They Are

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So far, the month of March has been huge for Ed Sheeran. He released his latest album, Divide, sure, but even more important than that? There's a tiny little human out there who looks just like him, and the resemblance is so crazy, it's hard to believe it's actually real. Ed Sheeran has a baby lookalike, and now, her mom is speaking out on how a photo of her daughter has gone viral. Being that Sheeran is a 26-year-old man, I was a little skeptical of how a 2-year-old toddler could look just like him, but now, I'm a believer.

Last week, a photo of the baby surfaced on Twitter, and now, she's been identified. Her name is Isla Walton, and she's from Devon in the United Kingdom, and somehow, a total stranger got ahold of a photo her mom shared, realized she's obviously the "Shape Of You" singer's doppelgänger, and now, her adorable little Sheeran-esque face is everywhere.

The photo has only been on Twitter for a week, and it's already gained over 80,000 retweets and more than 180,000 likes. That's how real this situation is.

Here's her precious mug. I cannot deal with how much she looks like Sheeran!

Crazy, right? I know. While talking to Buzzfeed, Isla's mom, Zoe, said that she and her family don't know the person who originally tweeted out the pic, but this is not the first time they've heard how much Isla looks like Sheeran... and looking at the photo, that's not surprising at all.

Zoe told the site:

"I did get comments from our family that she looks like Ed for a while, but only last week did we decide to put [the photo] online. . . I think the attention is mindblowing. The family didn't realize it would be this big."

It gets even crazier when you look at photos of Sheeran as a little kid, because he and Isla could definitely be twins separated at birth... or at the least, siblings.

Zoe said that Isla has never met Sheeran — and so far, Sheeran has yet to comment on his tiny twin — but she did tell Buzzfeed she's hopeful that they will come face to face someday. And if they do, I really hope cameras are present, because that's something I need to witness.

Anytime you feel like the world is falling apart, just remember that somewhere out there, this adorable little tot exists, walking around, looking like Ed Sheeran. You're welcome!