Ed Sheeran's New Lyrics Clue Fans Into The Fact That This Album May Be Eclectic

Phil Walter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ladies and gentleman, get out your magnifying glasses and your trench coat. Ed Sheeran is about to make a detective out of all of us. Taking a cue from his superstar BFF, Taylor Swift, there's been yet another cryptic clue about Sheeran's new album posted to his social media. And by cryptic, I mean he's shared another tiny little sentence fragment lyric video, with no music to supplement it. In summary, he's killing us with the suspense, but I'm kind of loving it. Especially because the two lyrical clues we've gotten thus far are vastly different from one another.

There isn't too much to go on based on the little information he's given, but one thing has become readily apparent. The first lyrical clue he posted after the revelation of the division symbol album art said, "When I was six years old, I broke my leg..." Now, he's posted the latest follow up clue which read, in the same font with the same blue background, "The club isn't the best place to find a lover..."

Which is, you know, a head scratching turn of events. And a completely unexplained jump in time from one line to the other. But fear not. I don't think Sheeran has lost his marbles.

I think that, like Swift, he might be giving out hints to different songs with each new post. Which would explain the entirely unrelated references in his social media hints. After all, if he gave us lyrics to the same song, or lyrics to the same song in sequence, then where would the mystery be?

Correct, there wouldn't be any mystery if that were the case.

Is it possible that the lyrics are to the same song? Sure. Though, as previously stated, I don't think they follow the other in sequence. But, as Sheeran's Instagram post from Monday relays, the new music comes out Friday. With that in mind, I don't think he's trying to spell out an entire song in Instagram clips over the next few days or so, considering that he's only dropping a hint a day. He's likely giving snippets of the highlights of each song or of the first song he's releasing. That is, if his entire album doesn't drop all at once.

Mostly, these lyrics show that, while Sheeran is keeping things personal and anecdotal in his music, the topics vary greatly. Through the hints we've gotten thus far, this album might just be more eclectic than all of the rest. And I don't know about you, but I am totally here for it.