Eddie's Struggles On 'A Million Little Things' Show How Precarious Addiction Can Be

Jack Rowand/ABC

There’s always a ton of drama going down on A Million Little Things, but it’s getting really serious for Eddie right now. He’s living on Gary’s couch after Katherine announced she wants a divorce and now he has to lie to his friends (again) about being the father of Delilah’s baby. Eddie’s sobriety has been an issue in the past, and with everything going on, it looks like Eddie might not be able to stay sober on A Million Little Things? Almost every episode so far, he's battled with his addiction and it's a very accurate portrayal of how precarious addiction can be.

Actor David Guintoli, who portrays Eddie, told TV Guide that the shocking pregnancy news might affect his alcohol struggles. “Eddie has just revealed to his friends that he was having an affair and one of the hardest things for Eddie, as someone who is a sober alcoholic, is living with dishonesty,” said Guintoli. “So, I think Eddie, after the affair, the last thing he wants in his life is more deceit and dishonesty. I think he wants to live the straight and narrow life in every respect of that term.”

In the same interview, Guintoli also said Eddie will struggle to keep proper distance from Delilah during their pregnancy and deal with not seeing his son every day. He opened up about how the divorce could also affect Eddie’s decision to drink again. Guintoli said:

“Eddie is an alcoholic and it’s something that is in the background of his brain, always pushing him, always tempting him, always applying pressure to every decision he makes, every hardship in his life. The divorce to Eddie means the loss of Theo, a little bit. At best, Eddie’s going to share time with Katherine for Theo. An alcoholic waking up in a newly empty apartment, away from his son, it’s going to be very trying for Eddie. And hopefully, it doesn’t push him to the bottle in any way.”
Jack Rowand/ABC

His thoughts about Eddie’s eventual struggle with sobriety seem pretty spot on. Eddie may be a terrible friend to Jon, but his dedication to Theo is top notch. His son was probably major motivation to remain sober and now they will spend less time together. Of course, the divorce is his fault due to his decisions, but his relationship with Katherine was doomed either way so their divorce was bound to happen. He’s also realizing how much Katherine sacrificed for their family, which is only making his guilt worse.

Eddie and Delilah’s secret about the baby will also eat at him every day, especially since he just got back into his friend’s good graces. Internalizing his frustration over not being able to have a relationship with Delilah and this child could easily lead him toward drinking again because he cannot confide in his friends without revealing the secret. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we have messy affairs.

Hopefully, Eddie will be able to pick up the pieces of his life and find a way to move on toward a healthy new normal. But, this show’s penchant for drama and exploring tough topics might make this impossible. Find out what happens with Eddie’s journey will be unfolded each Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET.

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