These 2017 Election Tweets Showcase A Newfound Optimism About Politics

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On Tuesday evening, the results of many state and local elections around the country were revealed — and they were a cause for celebration for many. Indeed, Democrats swept two gubernatorial races and a key mayoral race, and made significant gains in state legislatures, particularly in the battleground state of Virginia. As a result of these victories, many people were celebrating — and sharing optimistic tweets about Election Night 2017 to express their hope for the future.

In Virginia, Democrats swept the state, winning the governorship in a hotly contested race, as well as the offices of Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General; Democrats also flipped and secured several seats in the Virginia state legislature. These victories in the state is largely perceived as a referendum on Trump — and an indication of disapproval of his administration. Outside of Virginia, a Democrat was also elected Governor of New Jersey and Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, was re-elected Mayor of New York by a significant margin.

Many experts noted that these victories, as well as several other Democratic victories in local elections, bode well for the future of the party in 2018 midterm elections. As Business Insider reported, Dave Wasserman, a polling expert and an editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, noted on Twitter that the future looks bright for the party.

You can't really look at tonight's results and conclude that Democrats are anything other than the current favorites to pick up the U.S. House in 2018.

Thus, Tuesday's elections gave many people a renewed sense of hope and excitement for the future, something which is reflected in their exuberant social media posts.

We Won!

Many people were singing the night's praises.

Representation Matters

Professor Simran Jeet Singh, who often writes on issues of religion, expressed hope for the future after Ravinder Bhalla, a Sikh councilman in Hoboken, New Jersey, was elected as city mayor.

So Pumped

This Twitter user expressed her post-election excitement with a light-hearted reference to Pepsi's controversial commercial.

A Night Of Firsts

There were many ground-breaking victories on Tuesday that will impact the future for the better.

The Greatest Week For Democracy

Journalist Devon Maloney reflected on this week's possibilities for greatness.


It's an especially sweet victory when both candidates targeted in a hate-filled mailer win their elections regardless.

Charting New Territory

This woman expressed pride and astonishment that her wife was elected to town council in a traditionally conservative area.

Sweet Victory

Journalist Nicole Chung plainly expressed the sentiments of many regarding election night.

Making History

This photo of Melvin Carter, elected the first Black Mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota, exemplifies the history that was made on Tuesday.

A Poem For Victory

This Twitter account shared a creative ode to progressive victories.

A Powerful Message

Many believed that Tuesday's votes were very much a condemnation of conservatism and the Trump administration.

The Difference A Year Makes

Akilah Hughes, a comedian and internet personality, offered a striking visual of people's mentalities on Election Night 2016 versus Election Night 2017.

Women Handled Business

This Twitter user praised women for using their voices and votes to enact change on Tuesday.

History Made

Amy Siskind, of women's advocacy organization The New Agenda, reflected on the ground-breaking nature of Tuesday's elections, particularly when it came to women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals securing electoral victories.

Feeling Good On Election Night

Radio host and commentator Jay Smooth appeared astonished to be receiving good news after the country voted.

Election Night Feels Different This Year

Writer and editor Jill Smokler expressed the sentiments of many when comparing this year's election to last year's.

Thanks To Hillary Clinton

This Twitter account expressed gratitude to Clinton for encouraging persistence in the face of hardship.

Hillary Champagne

Comedian Jen Kirkman implied that, on Tuesday, she finally brought out the champagne she had intended to drink if Clinton had secured victory in the presidential election.

Finally Getting Representation

This man shared a fitting meme to capture his excitement about the many victories for women, people of color, and LGBTQ individuals on Tuesday.

Humanity Is Not Up For Debate

Many believed that Tuesday's election made a powerful statement.

Today Is A Testament Of Our Power

Activist and advocate Sammy Nemir Olivares listed the many monumental firsts that occurred on Tuesday.

Reclaiming Our Time

This woman expressed the sentiments of many in sharing her pride regarding the ways in which women made history in Tuesday's elections.

Overall, Tuesday's many progressive electoral victories certainly inspired many exuberant and emotional tweets — and made many people excited about prospects for the future.