This $5 Drugstore Concealer Is Apparently An Exact Dupe For Tarte's Shape Tape


Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer has become something of an unstoppable force in the beauty community, where very few concealers have come close to its full-coverage formula and foolproof contouring capabilities. But e.l.f.'s Camo Concealer might be a Shape Tape Concealer dupe, at least according to makeup lovers on Reddit.

Tarte's vegan, super-bendable concealer gives a flawless, matte finish that won't flake or crease. And anyone who has ever tried to hide their under eye bags with concealer will know just how crucial it is to find a formula that doesn't crease into oblivion, which will give you a caked look. Mango seed and shea butters in the formula also nourish and help illuminate your skin, giving it a lifted effect. While it works without fail, there is one downside to the product, and that is its price tag. Clocking in at $27 for a tube, it doesn't exactly fit into everybody's budget. But now Reddit users are saying there is a super affordable drugstore dupe that pretty much works the same but at a fraction of the cost.

R/MakeupAddiction is the subreddit that beauty lovers go to if they want to talk about their latest skincare routines or trade opinions on new product drops. And one of their most recent posts was about what budget-friendly dupe can replace the often sold out Tarte concealer.

One user swooped in with their thoughts, promising that the $5 e.l.f. 16HR Camo Concealer is a near perfect replica. The 16HR Camo Concealer is the brand's most full-coverage, long-wearing formula to date, where the creamy formula glides on to not only help conceal dark circles and spots, but can also be used to highlight and contour. It promises to be crease resistant with 16-hour wear, and while it seems almost too good to be true, Reddit users assured each other that it really wasn't

The original poster shared just how bullet-proof the drugstore formula is, sharing their experience with wearing the product. "After I went to the gym about five hours later, it creased only in the extremely fine lines on my lower lid," they wrote. "It did not crease where my bags are. There is light creasing in my smile lines but that happens with any foundation or concealer I use."

They wrote that the Camo Concealer was "full coverage comparable to Tarte" with a creamy texture that can sheer out into medium coverage if you didn't want or need a thick layer. In fact, it offers such full coverage that the original poster even recommended using it as a foundation.

While it seems like the e.l.f. concealer can do no wrong, there are a few drawbacks. While Shape Tape has 30 shades to choose from, Camo Concealer only has 18, meaning it's harder to find a true shade match. But when it only costs $5 a pop, you can mix it with other hues you already have in your makeup bag to try and get it closer to your own skin tone. When you find a dupe for Shape Tape that costs no more than a morning latte, then you have to be willing to work with it some. Your wallet will thank you.