e.l.f.'s Beauty Shield Skincare Line Is Perfect For Summer

by Kali Borovic

Out with the heavy moisturizers and in with the face mists, my friends. It's time to transition into summer skincare, and this brand has you covered. Debuting at Coachella weekend, e.l.f. Cosmetics created a Beauty Shield skincare line that is perfect for warm weather. It's filled with high SPF, tons of vitamins, and glowy skin benefits. Just one look at these items and you'll see exactly why their a warm-season must have.

Ever since e.l.f. Cosmetics made the jump from beauty to skincare, they've been a serious force to be reckoned with. They managed to keep their affordable price while offering pretty great drugstore products all at the same time. So knowing that a Beauty Shield collection is coming is pretty darn exciting. This time, instead of offering tools and masks, it's all about getting protected summer skin.

According to their social media announcement, the Beauty Shield Collection has a Skin Shielding Moisturizer, Daily Defense Makeup Mist, Vitamin C Pollution Prevention Serum, and a Skin Shielding Primer. Basically, anything you need to protect your skin this summer. Not only will these product add a serious glow to your skin, but they have SPF 50 (!!!) in them. They weren't playing around when they named this line.

According to Allure, there's more to the Beauty Shield Collection than what was on their social media accounts. The publication reports that it has two other products and a skincare tool as well. Apparently, an even more affordable Magnetic Mask is on the way as well. Ready for the best part? Every single item is under $25.

As of Apr. 15, there is no set launch date for this collection. They are branding it as summer skincare, so I'm willing to bet it won't be long before you can shop. Some social media posts with the #elfbaecation say that is will arrive this June, but the brand hasn't announced an official date yet.

The spring launches might be coming to an end, but it looks like summer has a whole lot in store!